12 Psychological Facts About Life


12 Psychological Facts About Life

Are you ready for some healthy Sunday vibes?? Some cool Life facts that are actually psychologically related to your life?? Cool, let’s get along!

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12 Psychological Facts About Life

Point no 4 and 5 are true

1/ The music you listen to daily actually defines your personality. Music can actually determine the way you perceive life and also shape-up your observing power.

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2/A good and sound sleep will help us to control our mind and also control our emotional derailments.

3/ Never reveal your goal or future planning to anybody. First, create a base and name for yourself, and then reveal it later or best would be not to reveal. Why you need to reveal every detail about your work! Work hard, achieve your dream and the world will know itself.

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4/The person about whom you think before going to sleep is the one who is always on your mind. They are the one responsible for your happiness or sadness or any memories in your life.

5/Spread the joy of happiness, give those in need, not those who measures gifts on the price meter. Spending more on others, doing others work or helping others gives us immense happiness.

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Psychological facts

6/Always roam around or surround you with optimistic and hopeful people. Their thoughts and words can positively affect you to walk the path of life happily. It will ensure you a happy and positive mind.

7/Have you heard of Stress Cardiomyopathy??Well, it’s death due to heartbreak. Yes, you read it right. People can die due to heartbreak, so try to be less rude or harsh with them when they faced a heartbreak or breakup. It is also known as “BROKEN HEART SYNDROME”.

12 Psychological Facts About Life

8/ We are more comfortable in expressing our problems face to face than texting or writing a letter. This is due to the fact that we can express ourselves more strongly in person than via text or mail.

9/It is believed that smart or wise people actually underestimates their power or skill. This is because they love the fact that they are always learning and are not yet an expert. This is actually good as it helps one to keep on learning new things and improving themselves.

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10/ Add experiences to your life cause success can’t buy you memories neither can it give you that broad smile. It’s the memories associated with it that stay with us forever.

11/ Whether you are a bathroom singer or a soulful one, the fact that singing gives you mental joy can’t be denied. This helps to reduce any kind of depression or sadness or anger.

12/ The reason of LOVE is the cause of chemical reactions in our mind and not our HEART. There is certain kind of chemical released in our brain which induces the feeling of LOVE.

13/ This is really shocking and surprising, the chemical released in our body when we are injured is the same when we feel ignored. This means that the pain we feel when we are injured is similar to the feeling we feel when we are ignored.

14/ Never hide or suppress your feeling for anyone or any situation. Cause the more you hide it the So deal with it,stronger it becomes. Thus one should deal with it, face it and speak about it. Let it go, let the feelings just go.

12 Psychological Facts About Life

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15/Our brain is the most complicated machine on this earth. And we use 30% of it to learn new experiences and the rest 70% keeps on replaying long lost memories, what could we have done to make it more memorable. And the memory can be both good and bad.

16/ How long is your tongue?? Well, the length of your tongue determines the level of your sexual desire. If you can lick your elbow with your tongue you have a huge appetite for new sexual experiences. Wait, did you just tried it out?? LOL *Wink Wink*

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12 Psychological Facts About Life

Wow! Quiet fascinating right?? Well, our life is a magnificent puzzle to solve, it’s a place where we get what we deserve but in an unexpected manner. Above all, life is how we think and make of it. If we tell our mind to be positive and think positive, it will nourish it more functionally. And if we push it to feel negative or hatred or vengeance, our mind will force us to be negative in all situations.