12 Prince Charming Traits that Make Girls Swoon!

12 Prince Charming Traits That Make Girls Swoon! 

We have all been fed, time and again, the ideal picture of what Prince Charming should be like, right down to the paltry details like his looks, height, dressing style, choice of vehicle (a horse, if you please!). However, we all know that is not how it works. Every guy has his own charm and charisma, that his girl adores. However, there are a few traits that make all girls swoon, no matter what their age or their kind of guy may be.

12 Prince Charming Traits that Make Girls Swoon

Boiling it down for you, here are 12 top traits of guys that make girls go weak in their knees.

  1. Etiquette:

Chivalry isn’t dead yet. Who wouldn’t like a guy who has his three magic words in place. Not ‘I love you’, silly, I am referring to sorry, please and thanks. A guy knows what good manners are and isn’t afraid to use them as and when required – that’s what a good guy is like. [ Read: Reasons Why Young Girls Like Dating Mature Men


  1. Gentleman:

Ask 10 random girls on the street what their dream man would be like and you’ll get some common answers. Someone who’ll open the car door for us. Someone who would pull the chair for us in restaurants. Someone who doesn’t mind waiting to let the old lady take the vacant parking spot. In short, women love gentlemen.

  1. Well groomed:

If you, dear man, think that getting a facial done or keeping your nails prim and proper with some manicure-pedicure makes you any less manly, well then you couldn’t be any more wrong. Girls like men who take care of themselves, are clean and smell good. If grooming were that passe, there wouldn’t be so many grooming products available in the market. [ Read: 11 Bad Girl Traits Every Guy Seeks In His Girl! ]

  1. Be there, really:

Women can get clingy, but it stems from their need to be emotionally rooted to their guy. When she asks for your time, give her some time. Be patient when she speaks to you about the problems she is facing, even if it’s about selecting the right shade of nail polish. If she wants you to take her shopping, do that. If she wants you to join her for lunch between work, manage your schedule around that.

  1. Gentle:

Treat a woman like a woman. She is soft and should be handled likewise. Women like men who treat women gently, talk to them softly and treat them kindly. Women like men who are not just gentle with them, but are soft and kind in general. [ Read: Annoying Habits Any Guy Would Hate About His Girlfriend ]

  1. Knows how to have fun:

Who likes all serious, right? The right amount of sense of humor with required seriousness, that’s what makes a perfect man. Guys who like to let it loose and know how to have a good laugh win with women instantly.

  1. Treats women with respect:

Girls, don’t we love that guy who connotes women with ma’am! Let’s confess, we always hold a soft spot for men who treat women with respect. Letting a woman get off the elevator before you, holding the door open, such sort of things make women swoon. [ Read: Cute Little Things Guys Do That Girls LOVE So Much… ]

  1. Self confidence:

A woman looks up to a man for many things, and confidence is one of them. Not just that, women tend to fall for men who exude self confidence. This tells the women that they can rely on the man and know that he’ll be there when needed. What can be better!

  1. Health conscious:

A guy who has a exercise routine or someone who is into yoga, running, aerobics or any kind of fitness routine, that’s the kind of for women love. Yes, because a guy who looks after himself will look after her girl too, and that’s always a win-win thing. [ Read: Simple Expectations of A Girlfriend From Her Boyfriend ]

  1. Head strong:

Girls like guys who have a firm head on their shoulders, who have clearly defined terms for the way they conduct themselves. The fact that certain things are no-enter zone, no matter what. A guy who is head strong and knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

  1. Knows his weaknesses:

We don’t want a man of real steel, right? We know that we all have our share of strengths and weakness. No one’s perfect. And a guy who acknowledges that is loved by women. Knowing his own weaknesses does not mean that a guy is any  less of a man, it just means that he is sensible enough to acknowledge his shortcomings and learn from them. [ Read: Tips To Know That The Girl You Like Is Making A Fool Out Of You ]

  1. Gives you due importance:

Women love men who understand the worth of women in their life and treat them likewise. Nothing better than a man who appreciates you for the little things you do, for the sacrifices you make. Nothing like a man who never takes you for granted.

So, girls and girls, here’s what to look for in your Prince Charming. And once do you get him, keep him. Forever.