12 Little Ways You Know You Have A Good Boyfriend


12 Little Ways You Know You Have A Good Boyfriend

A boyfriend is not only your lover, he is your partner in crime, he is your that friend who will be by your side no matter what. One, who will hug you like a boyfriend and will slap like a best friend. The combination of these features actually makes a good boyfriend. Are you sure these features are enough?? Don’t you feel there are more to it?? Well, let’s dig deeper and find out.

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  1. He is understanding

No matter how repetitive it might sound but, the fact that understanding is the key to any relationship is true like the rising sun. A happy cordial understanding is the base of every relationship. You partner needs to understand your tears, your reason behind that sad smile. He needs to know that you might feel hurt if he ignores you and also if he considers you just another responsibility.

2. He should be your friend before your boyfriend

You know that the power of friendship is equal to the amount of trust you have on each other. The more close you both are as a friend, the more jovial will be your love life. Love is not only about “I love you”, “You love me”. It is about that eternal bond you get to share with her whom you trust with all your heart and infact who you want to trust with everything you have. So, friendship will actually help you to build that trust.

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3. He should respect your life and choices

A relationship without respect is like a story without any plot. The man whom you consider your boyfriend should always respect your life and your choices. Be it your job or your say in the family matters, he should always try to understand your point. Never allow him to dominate your life and your privacy.

4. He must and should give you the needed space

He should know the value of privacy and solitude. We all love to have our own sweet time and one must always respect this space. He should never try to interfere in your privacy or should never stop you from spending some moment of solitude.

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5. He stands by his words

A man his known by the attitude he speaks and by the word he keeps. He should never shift from his promise, the promises he made to you, he should always stand by them.For example, if he promised you that he will not repeat any of his past mistakes which made you feel depressed, he should never repeat it.

6. He must respect family values

A family is that part of our life which completes us. And the man of your life must know the value and importance of family. He must keep certain points in mind and they are-

  • He should never make his mother feel that YOU have taken her place
  • He must always give equal amount of time to you and his family, especially his siblings and his mother
  • He should never invite you in every small get together he has in his family. Some get-togethers are meant strictly for himself and his family- his father, mother, and siblings (if any). This is known as time management, a man who can ensure that he manages the time well, is a man of virtue and witty.

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7. He must introduce YOU to his family

It might sound cliche but only a man who is sure about his lady love will do this. Need not say much.

8. He has an aim for his future

Apart from enjoying his life and holding your hands, he also must have a firm grip on his own future. A man with a secured vision and a healthy lifestyle needs no further introduction. He has his life all sorted and is ready to face any kind of circumstances or situations. Cause, he knows and understands the value of having a financially secured future. He never fears failure and neither is afraid of falling down. He knows he will get up and fight for it yet again.

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9. A healthy lifestyle is his habit

Mind you that, by a healthy lifestyle, I don’t mean “keeping his wardrobe clean” or “putting the wet towel in its place”, no!  I mean, he wakes up every morning and prefers to go for a walk or even chooses to avoid alcohol and smoking. Occasional smoking and alcohol are acceptable, but not on a regular basis.

10. Well planned and sorted out

Giving his family the needed time by not neglecting his work either, that’s the way he should be and that’s how it makes him a good boyfriend. He has a planned mind and keeps all the things in their own place, sorting it out eventually. So, in this way he is neither ignoring his family nor he is neglecting his work.

11. A healthy hygiene

I know it sounds really foolish but, some of the basic hygiene habits like- washing hands after coming from the office, keeping the shoes in order, making the bed at times, etc. Sweet and simple hygiene habits.

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12 Little Ways You Know You Have A Good Boyfriend

12. Help in hand

He should never shy away from joining the kitchen for a day or two neither he should feel ashamed of helping YOU. We all want our man to cook food or help us at times to make our work easier. And being a man, I believe he should respect this and understand it too. Helping you girlfriend  or partner with her daily chores is nothing to be ashamed about, it is something to be proud of. You are helping her, you are actually proving that you are not a man but a gentleman indeed.