12 Lines Singles are Tired of Listening!


12 Lines Singles are Tired of Listening!

Single from a long time? You must be tired about hearing remarks and comments about your single status. You also must be done with giving answers like ”Yes, I am single and happy.” It may seem that people are more worried about your loneliness.

12 Lines Singles are Tired of Listening

In reality, you are just having a nice time in a cool weather. But, don’t be too happy. That’s how it started. Just when you thought that the time was passing at a happier side, blank and senseless questions about your single hood are raised. [ Read: Best Tips To Look Attractive And Draw Their Attention


You must be having weird ideas that you are at the verge of wearing a fake ring and have an imaginary boyfriend just to stop silly questions from the other side.

Being single is assumed to be the best times of your lives. You don’t need to give an explanation to your other one that why you went for the lunch date with your hot colleague.

For the fact, most of the people are single by choice, and not out of lack of opportunity or choice. We don’t like to be controlled and we like to be single. And, we are aware by the reality that no magical love exists in this world.

If you are a single woman who loves to enjoy her freedom and liberty, then you go girl, it’s all on you! You really don’t need to listen to your parents and friends about how you will spend your rest of the life. Love is a component of life and it will come as and when it wants to. [ Read: 10 Ways To Get Over A Girl You Love ]

The next time somebody fires these questions on you related to your biological clock, you have your answers ready with you! Go on and steal the show!

  1. You really need to do something about it!

Yeah really! I guess I need to join a group named single anonymous, then we can all have a helping hand in our hard times, which according to you is 24/7. This will go like, ”Hi! My name is X and I’m single. And obviously pathetic ..”

  1. It will happen when you least expect it!

I need some kind of logical proof for that, because I would like to see it. I too need an explanation for infatuation and love at first sight. [ Read: 6 Strong Signs It’s Time to Let Go ]

  1. It happens with everybody, your time shall come soon too!

Okay I see! So, how do you guarantee it? If it doesn’t come across my side, then can i blame you for that? May be I will fall in love and may be not, I really don’t need anybody’s guarantee or prophesy for that.

  1. Have you met somebody?

If at all I have, then you would be knowing. I would rather proclaim it from the rooftops just to shut you up.

  1. Are you sure you straight?

I really have nothing against homosexuals. And just because I am not committed with a boyfriend, doesn’t mean I’m interested in girls. [ Read: 13 Dating tips for single mothers ]

  1. I too miss being single! Enjoy the time of your life!

Like seriously? I know it is fun, which is possibly why I am single. But you don’t need to so condescending while saying this. Being single is just a choice and no compulsion, just like being in a relationship. So, just live and let live.

  1. Engage yourself in other things, so your mind gets busy!

Thank you so much for your advice, but, I really have other things to make me busy. And don’t think that I missed your piece of advice in getting engaged in other work and meeting a fellow person out there. [ Read: 13 Dating tips for single mothers ]

  1. You are so pretty! Then, why are you single?

Wow! It was really a backhand compliment. Wasn’t it? And for the answer, I will let you know as and when i get to know about it myself. For the time being, I’m a little bitter. Excuse me, maybe?

  1. Look at her, she’s married and so happy!

Don’t you want to be like her?Yes, may be. And, I will let you know about it, like really soon! Off to important work till then! [ Read: Simple Dating Tips That Will Actually Work For You ]

  1. Tick tock Tick tock!

Okay, that’s not my body cycle ticking. It’s presumably my tolerance!

  1. See that guy? He’s single too!

The way you say it sounds like it’s a disease and we can make a support group wherein we can discuss the problems about being single. It’s like when we were kids, when our parents threw us in a room and thought this bunch of kids could magically become friends in a short while. Reality checks people! This doesn’t happen with single adults!

  1. I’m ready for grand kids now!

Obviously, it can only come from your well meaning grand parents. You can’t jump at their throat. Explaining to them gently that you’re not ready for such a commitment right now is a better choice. If it doesn’t stop there, then adopt a puppy and call it a baby. Hopefully, the comments will stop.[ Read: 10 Tips To Fall In Love With Yourself And Be A Better Person! ]

It’s certainly not easy in being a single lady in a couple’s world! But if you are well equipped with what you want to say in return, then you’re on with a happy and dignified place in your life!