12 Insightful Lessons to Help You Have a Better Life

12 Insightful Less to Help You Have a Better Life

Life! Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more contemplated about than life. Forget about decoding the reason we all are here – going through the daily grinds and making sure every day counts, there is another perennial question that people often ponder on, and that is how to have a better life.

12 Insightful Less to Help You Have a Better Life

Here, let me share 12 key lessons that will ensure that you have a better and fuller life.

  1. Smile:

Try it. Now. Doesn’t it make you feel better? A lot better! There is a reason why most motivational gurus ask you to smile more often. There is a reason why personality experts ask you to always wear your smile, why it is the most expensive accessory you can wear. Smiling makes you feel instantly, call it fooling your brain if you must, but it works. Let me explain further. By smiling, you are enhancing your emotions, rather than suppressing. This makes you feel lighter instantly. Similarly, when you are angry, the more you think of it, the more it eats at your peace. So smile all you can and be happy. [ Read: Different Types Of Love Everyone Experience in #Life


  1. Generosity:

The act of giving is an act of help. You are helping someone in need. You are being kind, gentle and happy. It signifies that you appreciate what you have and know that giving out only makes you rich. By giving, I do not specifically mean charity or giving out money. Giving a smile, a hug, a kind word is equally, of not more, important. The religion of Islam says that a smile is the best form of charity. So there, make someone’s day by giving a compliment. Lift someone’s mood by smiling at them. Be kind by sharing your food, or a cool drink on a hot summer day. Give as much as you can. [ Read: Learning Lessons And Applying Them To Your Relationships ]

  1. Receive with an open heart:

As important as it is to understand the gift of giving, it is equally important to realize that receiving with an open heart is a source of happiness too. Of someone is kind and generous enough to give you a gift, accept it happily and be thankful that you have been blessed with such lovely people in your life. No matter what the gift is, or how small the gesture, don’t pollute your happiness by questioning the givers feelings, or whether the person has an ulterior motive. The best lesson one can have about life is that out is essential to keep it simple. Don’t dwell in the what’s and whys, just be happy with what you have in the present. [ Consider Reading: Childish But Awesome Truths Of #Life – Must Read ]

  1. Play with a baby:

There something immensely magically fantastic about babies. These little bundles of joy are nature’s way of saying that life is wonderful. It is full of hopes, dreams and a wonderful future. Have you heard a baby laugh? Better still, have you been the train behind a baby’s laughter? That full, throaty, gurgle laughter that’s special to babies. They are such happy beings. Be kind to a baby and he’ll reward you with a smile. the best thing about playing with a baby is that you don’t require much, nor do you have to put too much thought.

  1. Dance whenever you get a chance:

Dancing makes you feel carefree and light. The rhythm of music has a calming effect as you lose yourself the beats. Regular dancing is not only a good exercise, but makes you feel immensely happy as well.

  1. Travel:

If you ask me, travelling is the best investment one can make in life. The world is full of wonders and amazing places waiting to be explored. Why be stuck in a rut and complain everyday when you can be travelling and making lifelong memories!

  1. Develop a style:

Have something that’s unique to you. Your signature fragrance, a style of dressing, the watch you wear…anything that’s unique to you. Let people recognize you and associate certain things with you. Create your own identity.

  1. Sing…to yourself:

I am not asking you to get  your inner Celine Dion out, but singing and humming to yourself is great. Hum a nursery rhyme if that’s what you like but keep the music going. Sing when you are doing the dishes, or when stuck in traffic. Sing whenever the mood strikes you.

  1. Feed your mind:

A sharp mind is a happy mind. No matter whether you are a technical person or a creative one, it is essential to keep the creativity flowing. Solve puzzles, participate in quizzes, the crosswords are great too. Make a habit of exercising your mind routinely.

  1. Make friends:

We  all need friends, no matter how young or old, how busy or free, what status we hold. We all need friends. They bring out our lighter side, help us wade through life with happy memories. They share our joys and sorrows. Our smiles and tears. They make life worthwhile.

  1. Create:

Creating, making  something yourself is immensely satisfying. It gives you the pleasure of calling something your own. Whether it’s baking a cake or pottery, writing a short story or sketching. Be involved and keep your hands occupied.

  1. Contemplate:

Do this  every night before sleeping. Contemplate about the day gone, the emotions you went through. What would you change about the day. What all did you achieve. Did you get any closer to your goals? Now plan the next day to fulfill what you could not do in the day gone by. [ Read: Love Is Always Worth A Try And Here Are The Reasons Why ]

Life is simple. Remember to love, laugh and live!