12 Foolproof Ways to Stop Thinking about Your EX and Start a New Life!

12 Foolproof Ways To Stop Thinking About Your EX And Start A New Life!

It’s been ages and are you still having hard time thinking about your ex? Use these 12 foolproof ways to stop thinking about the past and move on with life!

Getting over your ex can be one of the easiest things or probably one of the hardest things to do in life. The point is, you really don’t know how hard it would be to let go, until you break up. As and how you get over it, it’s surprising that how you thought the relationship wouldn’t hurt as bad if they ended, as it hurt the most in the end.

12 Foolproof Ways to Stop Thinking about Your EX and Start a New Life!

May be, just may be, mutual breakups are easy on the heart. But for many of us, breakups feel like actually our heart being ripped off our chests and then stop beating repeatedly. [ Read: 22 Things To Never Do After A Breakup 


Have you ever tried genuinely to get over your ex?  Do their thoughts and dreams still haunt you in your mind? Here are a number of tips which may help you to get over your ex in not much time. Having these good suggestions on your mind, you would be able to get over your past in no longer time while moving on to the next catch at the very same time!

  1. Ignore everything that acts as a reminder!

Picture of you two from Mauritius? Finish it. The T-shirt she gifted you on your birthday, give it to a needy one for their survival. Just ditch away all the things that act as a reminder of hers to you. Just believe that those didn’t exist! Now, don’t be stupid or dramatic about this matter. Just get away with it! [ Read: Conversation Between Boy And Girl After Break-up ]

  1. Don’t try your hand on the booze for a while!

If you want to go one night and just drink until you’re done, then it’s your entire take! Nobody’s going to stop you. That is a lot of people’s choice after the breakup. But most probably, without even your notice, that one time thing will become weekly, monthly or worse, every nightly event which has the ability to destroy your future as well as present.

  1. Involve yourself in other things of your interest!

Try in keeping yourself busy through all the times of the day. You should not get even a single moment to think about your past. Involve yourself so deep into other fields so that your mind gets busy with other productive stuff. Join activities and there, go and interact with a new set of people, with a similar mindset as you possess. Try and find a new hobby. There are thousands of different things you could do to make yourself busy, then the days will turn into weeks, and the weeks will turn into months, before you get to know your status of getting over, already you will be trying a new dating scene soon! [ Read: Ten Things Never EVER To Do After a Breakup ]

  1. Focus on your betterment!

Are you into making the right choices to help you move on in life? Now it’s the time to stop looking at the past and think about the future. Rather look at the brighter side that now you just need to live for yourself and nobody else. Now, you have all the time to focus upon yourself and try being a good human being. Plan a trip you always wanted to take, be it alone to rejuvenate yourself or with a bunch of buddies.

  1. The ‘delete contact’ rule!

Delete the number. Do it right away. Delete all the means to reach her. I am almost certain that you don’t remember their number by heart. Delete all the ways to reach her and never contact them again! Cut off all sorts of communication. Try to delete all your mutual friends from which you could get information of what they are doing in their lives. Don’t hinder away their life by calling them up and asking to reunite again in a relationship. [ Read: 9 Dramatic and Weird  Things We do Post Break-Up ]

  1. Get real

Make things clear to your ex that this is the final and a real break up, not just a break. Do not even try if you are not up for resuming the relationship. Don’t make it look like a joke for both of you. If things were bad during the break up, then don’t expect things to get better if you both solve it again. It will only get worse. It is good to be optimistic in life, but being faced to the reality comes first. Don’t get unreal with yourself. Please realize what is given to you. Rather than changing it, accept it.

  1. Just forget your stuff that you had!

Just forget your stuff that you had with them and leave it where it was. Don’t try to get it back or if it is so precious, then tell your ex to wrap it in a box and send it to you. Don’t try to invite them to your place. Rather ask a friend or tell somebody to drop it at your place. It’s very hard to undergo a breakup, it is better to avoid all of it rather than to dwell in it. [ Read: 10 Bad Reasons To Break Up With Someone ]

  1. Mingle up with somebody else!

Boom! Just dwell n this thing. Be with something who possesses the same situation as yours. Share your problems and get closer to her. May be, just a slight may be can turn that one into a real relationship in no less time. Just clear your head at once. There is no better way to overcome a relationship than to get mingled up with other girls.

  1. Call up your friends!

Call up your friends whom you have been neglecting since the days you were in the relationship. Grab a few shots, go for a trip, get a peaceful holiday all by yourself or plan a fun trip with your guys. There is nothing that helps well than being with your friends and chasing new girls. [ Read: 6 Ways To Help Your Friend Overcome A Break Up ]

  1. Think about the bad times with her!

You must have broken up with her because of a genuine reason. Things must have not been that cheerful as they used to be, and that’s why you must have broken up. Remember that incident when you had an argument but you were okay by then too because you two were together. Now, the scenario is different. Now, you can take out all the rage and get over it thinking all good has happened.

  1. Workout is the key!

Most of the people tend to ignore their body after when they get into a relation. They become careless and post breakup they should realize that again they need to get back in shape to get back that self esteem. Don’t ever put yourself down and work on yourself to have a better shape. [ Read: 8 signs that you still aren’t over your EX ]

  1. Life waits for none

Life waits for nobody and one should definitely have this in mind. You can’t ignore all the daily activities even after you go through such a hard incident such as a breakup. You need to hold yourself together and work on to be a better you. Everybody needs an initial time to get over that thing but those initial days should not become weeks or months. You yourself can make a change come into your life and nobody else.

Put all these points in your mind and take a kick start to your newly found happy life! Just move on in life and don’t regret what you are doing!