12 Best Ways to Avoid the First Impression Disaster!

12 Best Ways to Avoid the First Impression Disaster!

As you, I and everybody say, ”first impression is the last impression”. Sometimes it may hold true and sometimes not. Whether you go and meet your best friend’s boyfriend for the very first time or you go for an interview. First impression definitely counts. We, as everybody else, may have made good impressions and bad ones too. We too have been impressed by some people and repulsed by some others. No matter what, you can’t ignore the first impression of how they treat you the very first time they meet you.

Best Ways to Avoid the First Impression Disaster

Making a positive impression will give you importance on the higher side and will prove to be more favorable. The case may be that they have already decided that they like you. Anybody can make an opinion about what kind of shoes you wear or how you smell. [ Read: MATE, Never Discuss These 8 Things On Your First DATE 


You can never have a direct control on how a person may think about you. But, you can contribute so much indirectly to make them think good for you. Here are some of the tried and tested techniques to have an everlasting impression on someone you like and to avoid the first impression disaster.

  1. Dress well to impress!

Most of the time people judge you by how you dress. It can prove to be one of the main ingredients to have a good first impression on somebody. Don’t overdress or under dress for any occasion. Appropriately choosing of the attire may sum up many things on the go.  [ Read: 8 body language signs during first dates ]

  1. Greet properly!

The way you greet a person or how you handshake with that person may work as a good way of self promotion. Handshakes can mean a lot while you meet a person. A handshake with a firm grip may make that person perceive you as a person who is strong in his way. The one with the limp handshake are assumed to be shy in nature.

  1. Eye contact is important and smile!

Other than verbal conversations, non verbal conversation also sums up to form an important ingredient while making your first impression. Show confidence by holding a decent eye contact while you meet the person. Smiling also contributes much to the positive side. [ Read: 6 Reasons why love at first sight is more of a myth than reality ]

  1. Be aware to your nervous side!

If you are one of those who easily gets nervous in a social gathering or when meeting alone with a person, then you must try your best to get hold of yourself. Biting your nails, tapping your feet or playing with your key and so on is examples of portraying that you are quite nervous. Try to avoid these things while making a good impression.

  1. Prepare some conversation in your head!

This is important if you are trying to be in contact with your future employer. In official interviews too, if you ask questions to the employer at the end of the interview, you have a slight higher chance to grab the position you aspire for. It shows your attentiveness and desperation to grab that position. [ Read: When we first met, I felt De JA VU ]

  1. Forget your mobile phone for a while!

It’s bad how people are glued with their cell phones all the time. At times it seems very rude while you do that. If you meet someone for the first time, then you should not even focus on your cell phone once, it may seem rude to the other end. Just try to put all your focus over that person for a while. Try to be all genuine and most importantly, polite. The more charming and smart you sound; more the people will like you.

  1. Be punctual!

To be successful in all aspects of life, you need to punctual first. If you are always running late, then you may seem to hold zero relevance of the term ”time management”. People are respected if they punctual and also respect others time. Whenever you have a meeting scheduled, make sure you keep all the hindrances in mind to reach on time. Try to make allowance for a long queue at the ticketing booth or the traffic. [ Read: Difference Between Love And Friendship ]

  1. Be hygienic

Personal hygiene play a very important role in impressing the person you meet for the very first time. Take a shower and try to groom yourself before the meeting. Put a decent perfume, trim your nails and brush your hair. Women should try not to go overboard with the makeup or perfume.

  1. Appropriate small talk!

Whether you are meeting your boyfriend’s buddies or some office people, a small piece of conversation should be there to not make both the parties feel awkward. This is how both the people can break the ice and be more open in future. Only some common sense can guide you while deciding the small topics to have a conversation on. [ Read: 7 Unique Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special ]

  1. Some research time beforehand!

If you are meeting your partner’s family for the very first time, try remembering all their names to avoid awkwardness. It feels good to the people when you already know them even before the introduction. It makes it easier to impress them easily.

  1. No negative remarks!

Whether you are talking about your ex or about the last company you left because of the horrible boss, don’t sound irritated or complaining. Nobody likes to deal with a whiner. Even if you wish to say something negative, try to make it sound like an innovative criticism. [ Read: 11 Bad Girl Traits Every Guy Seeks In His Girl! ]

  1. Watch on your language!

Poor language or grammar, bigoted remarks are never accepted in an interview or at your first date. Watch what you say and focus on the language. It’s good to be yourself but avoid offending any group or an individual.

These 12 tips will surely help you to make your mark on that person for a lifetime. Try to be gentle and good. It’s a good way to be accepted by all the people in the society.