12 Bad Habits That Will Make Your Partner Want To Leave You

12 Bad Habits That Will Make Your Partner Want To Leave You

When you get into relationship there are certain bad habits that you should avoid at any cost, you have to make some sacrifices and adapt yourself in order to share a peaceful alliance with your partner. You have to bring about changes in your personalities as your partner might love you but they might have issues with some of your traits. You might not want to change certain things about you but you cannot argue with your partner when they ask you to give up on your bad habits. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you must change some of your habits if you know they are doing more harm than good to you.

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12 Bad Habits That Will Make Your Partner Want To Leave You

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Here are 12 bad habits that will make your partner want to leave you:

  1. Fighting in public

Every couple goes through their share of fights and trouble. There is nothing uncommon about it but you must resolve your issues within the four walls of your home. Do not make your fight public and refrain from creating a scene publicly. Having an outburst signifies lack of control and it could embarrass your partner as well.

  1. Avoid Public Display of Affection

While fighting in public is not desirable, another thing that you should refrain from indulging in full public view is PDA. Expressing your love amidst a crowd is not a bad thing but you should not stretch things beyond a point. It will not only make your partner feel uncomfortable, it will also attract unwanted attention and glares from the public.

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  1. Being a miser

When you go out on dates, the bills are mostly paid equally by the two of you. Sometimes, if your partner pays a little less than you, you should not mind that. Money is important and both the individuals should share the financial responsibilities together. However, asking your partner to pay back a small amount of money would be a horrible thing to do. If you really love your partner, you would never let money come in the way of you relationship.

  1. Bringing family in an argument

We often tend to criticize our partner’s family in order to win an argument. Your partner might have discussed some sensitive information about one or some of their family members but that does not mean you will use that piece of information against them. They talked to you about it because they trusted you. Never mention family when you are arguing with your partner as it makes things very ugly. They would get very upset if you speak ill of their family.

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  1. Not giving them space

One understands your need of spending time with your partner but you should not become so possessive about them that you end up eating into their privacy. You must give space to your partner and let them enjoy their private space whenever they want to. They spend a large chunk of their time with you but they need their own space as well.

  1. Stretching an argument

Couples have arguments but things take a serious turn when people stretch things unnecessarily without any reason. You must try to end an argument as soon as possible. Stretching it beyond a point will make things sour between the two of you. Arguments are inevitable but you should keep tour ego aside and resolve them as quickly as possible.

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  1. Being jealous

Sometimes even the most progressive people get jealous when they see their partner with other people. They know their partner loves them but the sight of them mingling with their friends from the opposite sex makes them jealous. They feel overpowered by the feeling of jealousy and this brings bitterness in the relationship.

  1. Competitive

Your partner is the last person you should compete with. Unfortunately, a lot of people fo not understand this and feel insecure when they see their partner doing better than them in their life. They feel the need to surpass their achievements by their own and some are willing to go to any extent to probe that they are better than their partners.

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  1. Questioning them

If your partner comes home late on a particular day, you star questioning them as to where they were. This shows that you have trust issues. Even if you ask questions in a calm and composed manner, the fact that you are questioning them shows that you do not trust them well enough. Sometimes when you ask a question with the right intentions could also be misinterpreted. Questioning your partner will upset them and make them move away from you.

  1. High expectations

Most of us have certain expectations regarding or partners. Some people fantasize about getting a particular kind of person as a partner while some cannot curb their expectations even after getting into a relationship. They set specific standards and expect their partner to measure up to them. Now, once you start dating someone you must respect them and accept them for what they are. Nobody is perfect. You are as imperfect as your partners are. So, making comparisons would not help.

There are certain bad habits you must not inculcate when you are in a relationship. You must check yourself and know the traits you need to get rid of. These little habits will contribute heavily towards creating a rift between you and your partner and eventually damaging your relationship in the process.