11 Ways To Handle Too Many Questions On a Date

11 Ways To Handle Too Many Questions On a Date
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11 Ways To Handle Too Many Questions On a Date

Going out on a date can be a very exciting prospect.  More so, when you are taking a person out for the first time. Going out on a date is a good opportunity to know that person a little better and decide whether you want to take things forward with them or not. Both of you have a lot of questions to ask to each other and you should not restrict yourself from discussing something that you want to. However, you will easily get bored and lose interest in the conversation if your date asks you too many questions.

Here are 11 Ways to Handle Too Many Questions On a Date:

  1. Order some more food

Make sure your partner’s plate is full of delicacies and their mouth is stuffed with food. The more they eat the less will they speak. Keep asking them as to what else would they like to eat. You should not force your partner beyond a certain limit. You would not want them to fall sick and get mad you, right? When they feel they cannot eat more, it is time for you stuff yourself. Try to act busy as you chew your food so they stop asking you too many questions. [ Read: 13 Best Ideas For A Dinner Date! ]

  1. Compliment them

Do not miss an opportunity to complement your partner on their attire, hair etc. If you compliment them, they would feel very happy and explain in detail about the kind of effort they have put in to look good and turn up well for the date. You should praise them as much as possible so that it remains the point of discussion for some time.

  1. Call up a friend

If you feel that the questions are getting too boring for you to handle, call up a friend and ask him to join you. Whenever your friend arrives, ask him to sit with you and make him a part of the conversation. You should stage it up as if it were a coincidence and make your partner believe that you had no idea that your friend would arrive there. Now that he has come, it would be quite impolite to ask him to find another table, wouldn’t it? [ Read: 17 Signs of a Jealous & Possessive Boyfriend ]

  1. Ask questions

After answering a few questions posed by your partner, try to ask them a few questions as well. Engage your partner with your questions so that they do not get ask you anything further. The questions could range from being fun to serious. Ask them about their life, friends, hobbies etc. You must try your best not to run out of questions.

  1. Unravel the gift

When the list of questions do not seem to coming to an end, you know that it is time to put forward the gift that you had bought for your partner. Show them the gift and ask them to unravel the gift. Start talking about the present you have bought and ask them whether they liked it or not. The gift should keep them busy for some time. [ Read: Do I Miss My Best Friend in My Life Partner? ]

  1. Change the topic

If your partner is discussing something that does not interest you, try to change the topic. Do not be impolite or rush with it. You have to act a little clever to do this. Give a short answer to their question and immediately jump off to another topic. Your partner should not feel that you have done it deliberately. Change the topic of conversation swiftly and smoothly.

  1. Surprise your date

Plan a surprise for your partner in advance. When you feel the date is getting a little boring because of their questions, unleash the surprise before them. It could be a band that you have arranged for them or a special dance that you have planned. Time to shift gears and take the date to another, more interesting level. [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Life Partner on his Birthday to Surprise him ]

  1. Check your phone

Request your partner to excuse your partner a while as you need to check your phone. Tell them there are certain messages and calls that need your attention. Play with your phone for as long as you think is necessary. Do not take a lot of time as it will annoy your partner.  If required, keep doing this at regular intervals.

  1. Time over

Lie that something important has come up and you will have to leave. Apologize endlessly and let your partner feel that you are terribly sorry for cutting short the date. Think of a good, believable excuse that would not make your partner believe in the urgency of the situation and would not make them upset with you. [ Read: 10 Unmistakable Signs Your Friend is Crushing on You ]

  1. Short answers

Reply in monosyllables or a line. It would make your partner understand that you are not too happy with being asked so many questions and would make them shut up. You do not have to be rude or put on an attitude. Your short, dull answers should well communicate the fact that you are not interested in answering so many questions and would like to talk about something else.

  1. Being upfront

If nothing works, then the only choice that remains with you is to put it straight and in the simplest manner. Tell your partner politely that you are not comfortable asking so many questions and would rather talk about something else. You need to handle this situation very sensitively so that it does not upset them. [ Read: 19 Sure Signs Of Falling In Love ]

There will be many questions that your partner will ask you on a date. You have to be patient enough to answer them all. However, if the questions start making you irritated, you must apply these methods to waive them off.