11 Unique Traits that Make a Person Trustworthy

11 Unique Traits that Make a Person Trustworthy
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11 Unique Traits that Make a Person Trustworthy

Every person wants that their friends and acquaintances should place their faith in him and think of them as someone who can be trusted upon. In a world full of frivolities and madness, it is not too difficult to mistrust someone. Somebody may trust you in the initial days of knowing you but that feeling goes away with time. Nothing to worry as inculcating a few unique traits could make you a trust worthy person.

Here are 11 unique traits that make a person trust worthy:

  1. Keep your promises

Learn to live up to the promises you make. Promises are not merely verbal or written phrases but an assurance that you give to a person towards the fulfilment of a particular obligation. Well, if you fail to keep your promises people will lose their trust in you. They would not trust you again even if you make several promises more.  [ Read: 5 Reasons Why Promises Are Not Meant To Be Broken ]

  1. Be confident

Most people judge us by the kind of personality we have. If you are saying something even with the best intentions but your body language is not very impressive, there are high chances that people will not believe you. Say what you intend to say with a confident, towering personality that will give them a good impression of yourself.

  1. Smile

There is nothing quite as charming in the world as the bright, uninhibited smile of a person, is it? If you always have a beautiful smile playing on your lips, it will give people around you the impression that you are a positive and happy person. Your positive energies will rub off on them and will lead them to believe that you are not a person with ulterior motives.  [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Life Partner on his Birthday to Surprise him ]

  1. Unbridled laugh

Laugh as if you do not have a care in the world. Your laughing will reflect your cool, confident persona that will help you gain the trust of people around you.  But, you have to make sure it should not be a fake, laboured laugh. People will know when you are faking it and then, will not trust you. Your laugh should be as pure as your intentions.

  1. Being generous

Be a generous person in life. Learn to give more than you receive. Your generosity will help you gain goodwill as it will project you as a selfless and kind human being. At the same time, you have to be careful enough not to let others take advantage of your generosity.  You must show your generous side to people who are important to you and who deserve your kindness and love.  [ Read: Little Things in Life ]

  1. Do not keep secrets

Do not keep secrets as sooner or later your friends and family will get to know about them. Also, sharing all your secrets with your loved ones will help you feel light and unburdened. It needs courage to share certain unpleasant things of your lie with others and that is exactly why you need to have a transparent heart. If your loved ones feel you are hiding certain things from them, they will lose their trust in you.

  1. Be honest

It is very important to have an honest approach in life. Whatever the situation may be, you must be honest with your loved ones. Even if they get upset with you for doing something, they will be happy that you came clean with the truth. They will respect your honesty and start trusting you all the more. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Husband ]

  1. Do not badmouth

If you say something unpleasant about a friend to another friend, will he trust you again? If you have nothing nice to say, then you should better keep your mouth shut. Even if the person whom you are speaking ill of never finds out, the person whom you talked about this will have a bad impression of you.

  1. A dignified person

You must come across as a dignified person; a man of high principles and values. You should make people believe you value your principles and ideologies more than everything else and will not compromise on them under any circumstance. They must feel you are worthy enough of giving important responsibilities.  [ Read: 11 Things that Make a Man Attractive to Women ]

  1. Care for others

Show others that you care for them by looking out for them from time to time. Never let them believe that they are being taken for granted. If they feel you care for them and are concerned about them, they will trust you without an iota of doubt in their heart. Loving them is not enough; you must express your love for them too.

  1. A good temperament

If your regular mood is happy and positive, it will attract more people towards you. If you maintain a calm posture, it indicates that you can brave any situation. On the other hand, if you come across as a rough, arrogant person people will have their doubts will before entrusting you with any kind of responsibility.  [ Read: Why Saying, “I Love You” Too Soon Is Not A Good Idea ]

Building trust and confidence takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, it does not take much time to lose their faith in you. Letting people believe that you are a trust worthy person can be quite a task. Living up to their trust for a long time can be more difficult. But, if you adhere to these simple steps and implement them you will not find it difficult to prove your loyalty to your loved ones.