11 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud

11 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud

Is it love thing or just a fling? Are you confused whether your boyfriend loves you or not? Do you hate it when he does not express his feelings to you? Reading the mind of a guy is not easy. Every girl wishes that her boyfriend could show her, tell her how much he loves her and cares for her. But the truth is that guys are not expressive about their feelings at all.  [ Read: 15 Easy Conversation Starters with a Guy You Like ]

11 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn't Say It Out Loud

Though he may not say it in words, he expresses his love through gestures. For most guys, actions do speak louder than words. They are not very good at communicating their feelings, which at times makes women feel that that they have lost interest in the relationship. But there are a few ways through which you can get to know how much he really loves you without him saying it in words.

Here are 11 signs to know that he loves you even if he does not say it out loud. Once you go through them, you will know whether he loves you or not.

  1. He listens to what you say and remembers it

Your guy takes you so seriously that he listens to every single word that you utter from your mouth even if it is insignificant or difficult to understand from his point of view. Not only this, he also remembers it all.  [ Read: 10 Ways to Read Mixed Signals and Turn the Signs into Love ]

  1. He takes care of you and all your needs

He keeps on doing something or the other, that somehow or the other makes your life more comfortable and easy, without even letting you know . From all the big things that you need to even the smaller ones that you yourself do not notice sometimes. He is continuously up to something for your betterment.

  1. He protects you and stands up for you

He stands by your side for whatever you have done right or wrong. He may try and explain your fault when you both are alone, but never in public. [ Read: 16 Reasons Why You are Always Being Taken for Granted ]

  1. He holds your hand

Sometimes when you are crammed up in the middle of a crowded place, he will hold your hand to reassure you that he is there for your protection.

  1. He makes up to you

Whenever you both fight, he is the one who comes up to you to make up. Sometimes, he forgets his pride and says sorry to you first, even when he is not at fault in any way.  [ Read: 13 Little Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Special ]

  1. You are important to him

He does things for you that he has not done for anyone and he is just a call away when you need him. He shares his futures plans with you that he has not discussed with anyone else, and wants to know your future plans too. This is a sign that shows he wants to grow old with you.

  1. He notices everything about you

He is the first one to notice any change in you and compliments you for your new look, dress etc. He treats you with respect. When a man compliments you, appreciates your achievements, makes your habits his own and sets you as his first priority, he is definitely the right guy for you.  [ Read: 13 Ways to Make Yourself Charmingly Approachable to Guys ]

  1. He treats you like a princess

He does not treat you like his other girlfriends because he thinks about you a lot and always wants to be in your good books. As we all know, it is difficult for a man to remember special occasions; but if he remembers specials dates like your anniversary or  your birthday, this shows he is in love with you.

  1. He looks at you secretly

When you are busy checking out other things, suddenly you realise someone’s eyes are fixed at you with a beautiful smile on his face. He is doing this because he wants to capture you in his eyes, so that he can recall your face when you are not around.  [ Read: 6 Ways To End Fights And Conflicts Quickly ]

  1. He treats you as “us” and always makes you feel you are part of him

When the guy is in love with you he will make sure that he talks about the two of you as a unit by using words like “we” and “us” rather than just talking about his own life. If he is using words like we, our, etc. then you are definitely on his mind and in his future plans.

  1. He likes talking about you

If your boyfriend loves you, he will talk about you. He wants to know whether your day was well spent or not. He shows interest in you by asking you how your day was at work, and tries to lifts your mood when you have not had a good day. [ Read: 10 Old Fashioned Relationship Habits We Need To Bring Back ]

If your boyfriend is not able to show his love for you, don’t jump to conclusions like ‘he is not interested in me anymore’ or ‘he does not love me anymore, maybe he likes someone else more than me’. In a relationship, it is not important that everything should be expressed in words. Sometimes, expression of love can be made by gestures as well. Guys don’t usually express their love, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care for you, respect you or love you. You need to understand their small signs, the small efforts that they make. With the help of the above mentioned signs, you will know their true feelings towards you.