11 Rules to be Followed for a Happy Love

11 Rules to be Followed for a Happy Love
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11 Rules to be Followed for a Happy Love

Nowadays, the ‘love hunt’ has gone very tough and it has become more and more elusive in every way. But, one fact cannot be ignored that how many collective benefits one can have from a relationship. But, today people tend to hide away in their shells even when they are in a relationship and make a little effort, in an attempt to be vulnerable and hence stay happy in their own way. In this way, a relationship becomes tough to achieve when both the people hide away from each other and don’t share the desired things in their life.

This is a list of 11 rules which will help you for achieving a ‘happy love’.

  1. Give some space to your better half!

Cramping out space is never a good thing, no matter who you are. Resentments always enter the picture when the other half begins to feel like he or she needs to be with you all the time. Let them take their time and give them reasons to be away from you. As an exercise, it frees you both from your relationship to have some perspective, bitch about the boss, have some time with your friends and just relax from the pressure of being with each another. That makes it possible for you to reach back to each other and feel good about that choice. [ Read: 16 Signs You Are Settling In an Unhappy Relationship ]

  1. Try and Take Each Other for Granted

Every once in a while, set your priorities like the way so that your relationship doesn’t always take the first place. While on the one hand, it must be realized to your partner as though you value something else too. If your communication barrier is down, you’ll also be able to explain to them that you believe in your relationship enough to be able to cancel plans once in a while because you’ll always be there anyway. That also lets your partner know that they can do the same with you, and makes your relationship more mature and stronger.

  1. Be frank with each other!

Talk about who you are and what you want in life. As the time passes by, these things will change and that’s where you need to keep up. Most relationships go downhill because the people in them don’t pay the required attention. Don’t let that happen with you. [ Read: 12 Things Happy Couples Talk About and Feel Closer ]

  1. Don’t be Cynical

Realize that things can be both up and down and nothing is permanent. Over the time, it becomes easy to forget why you are with each other, but it is the happy memories that need to help you through. Don’t be too negative about each other, try to relive the better times to last through the not so good ones.

  1. Keep the Love Alive

If you’ve been together for a while, keep reinventing your love and do things that you both like to do. Sometimes as a compromise, find something that your partner loves and you don’t and do it anyway so they know they mean something to you. Surprise dinners and romantic walks, even a bouquet of flowers will do: just stay on your toes so you know what you’re doing. [ Read: 13 Happy Things You Need for a Perfectly Happy Life! ]

  1. Believe in your Relationship

There are many difficult conversations to have in a relationship and one of them is about the future. Some people like to avoid these because they don’t want to ruin the moment. Be adults and have those conversations when the time is right. You don’t have to worry about kids when you are 22. Learn to be mature, and let go when you have to, but don’t use reasons that make no sense to get away. People change, and you change as time goes by, so believe in what you have if that feels right.

  1. Don’t compare your love with others!

When you’re in a relationship, you often end up being surrounded by couples who are nothing like you. Remember that there are some things that need to stay unique, as a result you don’t need to do everything that someone else does. It only adds to the bitterness and gets you nowhere. [ Read: 12 Delicate Signs of a Loveless Unhappy Marriage ]

  1. Spend Some Quality Time with each other

Just because you have other things to do doesn’t mean your relationship needs to be at the bottom rung. Take out time over the weekend or whenever you can and plan a getaway to just be with each other. Those good times will help you to get away with the bad ones.

  1. Discuss about Fights

Arguments are natural and normal in a relationship. It’s the part post that which needs attention. After you’ve had a fight, think about what came up during it and make an attempt to talk to your other half about it. Not only does it help you understand their perspective better, it also makes you realize that fights aren’t the end of everything. [ Read: 9 Habits of Happy Couples ( They Never Talk About) ]

  1. Communicate

Being supportive of each other is essential, and not being able to communicate effectively always brings your relationship to a standstill. When you don’t hear what the other person is saying, you can’t actually realize what they mean and that you haven’t really been understanding escapes your attention. What that does is make your partner feel neglected and unacknowledged. Listen and communicate single-mindedly. That will help your other half warm up to you a lot more.

  1. Make Space for yourself

One of the biggest reasons people lose faith in their relationships is that they lose themselves. When your relationship becomes the sole reason for your survival or when someone becomes so important to you that you don’t feel the need to re-evaluate what your needs are any more, that’s when your red flags should be going up. Pick out one activity that you enjoy and take a day away from your partner to just spend some time with yourself. You’ll find you’re a lot more giving when you get back, because you’ll be happier. [ Read: 12 Secret Rules of a Happy Relationship. SHH! ]

These are tried and tested rules which could definitely help your relationship reach further heights. Make sure you follow these and see some change in your love.