11 Obvious Signs You’re High on the Wedding Preparations!

11 Obvious Signs You’re High on the Wedding Preparations!
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11 Obvious Signs You’re High on the Wedding Preparations!

If you are running the relationship since a long period of time and you’re in your late twenties or early thirties, then a glimpse of wedding preparations must have crossed your mind. Sadly, the wedding itself never only features your consent, but a lot more other factors too. Getting an approval from the families and many more things also hold the same crucial role.  [ Read: 12 Delicate Signs of a Loveless Unhappy Marriage ]

So, here are some signs which can tell whether you have that wedding fever on or not!

  1. You can see wedding things anywhere and everywhere!

No matter where you go, be it the supermarket or the boutique store in town or just on the way to work, your eye magically finds those places that would match your needs, your crockery, your food, your decorators and what not. Everywhere you go, the wedding bells are ringing and you know exactly what you want, so the places just keep beckoning to you. [ Read: Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story ] ]

  1. You’ve found the venue!

While you may have had ideas about the place, you have found The Place, and have possibly even registered at the venue just to make sure it is available whenever the date finally comes. Of course, this involves a lot of imaginary calculus and time frame specifics, but you’re pretty sure and you know this is only it.

  1. You have lot of ideas about the Invitation

Mildly put, you have many ideas about the invites and have already drawn sketches or have colour schemes ready, but in reality, you know what your wedding invite will look like, what quote it will have and the exact detailing that it will need. You’re ready and you’re completely in the game!  [ Read: 11 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Go Gaga Over You! ]

  1. You know what you want on the Food Menu

You might have subtly approached your partner about this or knowing them, you might just have drawn up a list of food items that you want on your day. You know this part is important, so you’re either already on the lookout for the perfect caterer or have already picked your people.

  1. You cry at every Wedding Ceremony

You can’t help but be deeply moved at every wedding ceremony you attend, be it your friend’s, your family’s or on TV. You look out for cues and bawl like a baby every time that happens, which makes people around you a little uncomfortable and a little worried about you.  [ Read: Daughter Writes an Open Letter to Her Parents Before Her Wedding ]

  1. You can’t help find faults with the weddings you attend

Of course, since your friends are probably the same age as you, and they want to share their day with you, you find yourself at many weddings and with each, you have some likes and dislikes that you’re constantly making mental notes about. Check!

  1. Your guest list is almost ready!

You have obviously pin pointed everyone you do and do not want to share your day with. The small matter of your partner’s guests is the only tiny hitch in your master plan.  [ Read: The Wedding Gift ]

  1. You’re sure about the song list

You want your day to be special, but all those attending also need to enjoy it, so obviously, your song list is ready and has all the latest numbers for an uber party. You may be considering a band or a professional DJ but the updates are only namesake, you know what songs you want to play and when.

  1. You have talked about the Wedding with your closest bunch!

Of course your closest group of friends has heard about the plans and are very much in on the proceedings. They’re like your personal spy gang, hunting out dresses and looking for possible florists and caterers, helping your fever stay at pitch.  [ Read: 9 Ways to Tell if Your Guy Wants to Marry You ]

  1. You’re itching to pick out your wedding dress

Now that your browsing sprees are setting in, and in a big way, it is becoming more and more imperative to have exactly the right things ready and at hand for the wedding. Your wedding dress and jewellery have either already caught your eye or you’re now hunting down places that can create your dream dress and accessories exactly the way you want them.

  1. You’re planning to broach the subject with your partner

In case you’ve already talked about this with your partner and you both know you’re on the same page, you’re probably looking for opportunities to start discussing specifics with them. If you don’t actually have a proposal, but are definitely serious, you might find yourself dropping subtle hints to get them to where you are. [ Read: 35 Great Quotes About Marriage ]

If you agree with our list and feel like the Wedding Fever is really out to get you, relax a little and give yourself a break. While getting your wedding right is essential, it isn’t absolute and a few details can be lax. Stay calm and start getting some distractions: you’re probably going to have the perfect wedding really soon anyway!