11 Not-So-Obvious Things Your Guy Loves About You

11 Not-So-Obvious Things Your Guy Loves About You
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11 Not-So-Obvious Things Your Guy Loves About You

Being in love is a beautiful feeling. It makes you feel special and loved. The feeling of having a special person in your life who cares for you, loves you and understands you makes your life worth living. You share everything with him, you can call him your own and you want to spend your life with him. It’s the little and not-so-obvious things that take for granted and do not notice that makes us feel more special.  [ Read: 10 Unmistakable Signs Your Friend is Crushing on You ]

In all relationships, the big things that you love matter a lot, but as time passes by and the relationship becomes more meaningful and stronger, the small not-to-obvious things start playing a bigger role in bringing you two together.

At times, when you’re doing something and you see you guy staring at you with a big smile on his face that means he loves that thing about you. It is obvious that every guy is different and his girl is special for him in her own ways but if you really wish to know some not-so-obvious things your guys loves about you then read on. [ Read: 10 Signs of Attraction in the First Conversation ]

  1. He loves to play with your hair

He really likes the moment when you unconsciously play with your hair. Even when you are busy with work and your hair are falling on your forehead or in front of your eyes and he sweetly manages them with your finger. These small things are a way to express love.  [ Read: 18 Signs to Know if Your Guy is Overprotective and Dominating! ]

  1. He loves you when he is weak and you stand by him

He feels content and satisfied at times when he is feeling sad, lost or weak and you wrap him in your hands and try to calm him by running your hand in his hair and head. He gets the feeling of warmth by just one touch of yours and it makes him feel better.

  1. He loves it when you call me cutely with different names

Giving your guy some pet name gives a feeling of belongingness. They way you call out his name. Or sometimes, you call him by different names like baby, sweetheart, or say a pet name. When you address him using those funny names and laugh about it making the situation funny.  [ Read: 14 Signs Your Guy Means It When He Says “I Love You” ]

  1. When you help out others

Your guy loves you and feels proud to be you boyfriend when you help out others with some task without expecting anything in return. It is always good to help others and fix their problems or give them the right advice about something.

  1. When you make up to him

Your guy really likes it when after a fight you make up to him sweetly. You cuddle with him in a very childish way and keep saying sorry till he doesn’t smile back at your silly acts. It is important that either one of you initiate to end the fight and don’t drag it to the next level.  [ Read: 19 Sure Signs Of Falling In Love ]

  1. When you take care of him

At times when he unwell and you take care of him like a small child. You get worried for him and take care of every small thing from giving him medicines at the right time to even watching him sleep comfortably. Some guys do not like to be around people when he is sick or miserable, so you need to understand him then as well.

  1. When you take care of his house

Your guy really appreciates it when you beautify things in the house by making chances of your choice. He might pretend that he did not like it but deep inside he really enjoys the changes that you made like you as if it is your own house. Guys usually do not clean up their room. Cleaning it up for him and decorating it is also a good thing to do.  [ Read: 18 Signs that Your Date Actually Likes You on the First Date! ]

  1. He loves making you jealous

He really enjoys the moment when you cutely ask him a lot of questions about all the girls in his workplace. Girls usually worry about other girls who are with you when you are not around him so you end up asking questions about them. About how they look, what all do you talk and your guy teases you and makes you jealous with their names.

  1. When you are sleeping

When your guy sees you all rolled up and curled up in your bed while you are sleeping. He loves watching you silently and he runs his hand on your forehead and touches your cheeks cutely.  [ Read: 10 Ways to Read Mixed Signals and Turn the Signs into Love ]

  1. The way you eat your favorite dish

When you eat some dish that you really love and you make weird sounds like mmm.. mmm… They way you eat something and make a cute expressions and enjoy every bit of it, he feels happy about it.

  1. The way you boost his confidence and ego

The way you tell your guy that you are the man, you are the best and you can do it that gives him a boost. His confidence and ego to do that task boosts up when e is feeling low and lost.   [ Read: 18 Emotional Affair Signs You Probably Missed Out! ]


You should not only look that the big things in your relationship. What matters most is that your guy loves you and cares for you. Your existence may not matter to the world but for him you are everything. If he doesn’t say I Love You to you often, it does not mean that he does not love it. These small things matter and it shows his care for you in his own way. If he is doing the above written things for you, with you, it shows he really loves you girl.