11 Lessons to Deal with Judgmental People

11 Lessons to Deal with Judgmental People
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11 Lessons to Deal with Judgmental People

Many times in life we meet judgmental people whether it your boss, your colleagues, your friends, your family member or even a stranger. Follow us on   Judgmental people have a habit of criticizing everything. Whether you talk to them about people or things, all they do is make a negative opinion about it in their mind and try to show that negative aspect to others also.  [ Read: 15 Memorable Life Lessons to Make Your Life Perfect! ]

Judgmental people do not understand others or their feelings. Such people are insecure and unhappy. There are just not happy and satisfied for what they have. They just ask for more and more. They do not think about the pain they may cause by offending someone due to their judgmental comments. They fail to see the positive aspects of the world. This makes them believe that they are right in judging others.

Here are a few lessons to tackle and deal with judgmental people:

  1. Believe in yourself

People who are judgmental can easily make you doubt yourself by constantly giving them critical remarks about your beliefs, morals and values. They will make you believe that your opinion is incorrect, thus putting you down. Just know yourself and be sure about what you do. [ Read: 10 Valuable Lessons You Will Learn From Failed Relationships ]

  1. Don’t hurt yourself

Do not let yourself get affected by the way a person is judging you. It is in the nature of a judgmental person to make negative comments about everything. Never take their negativity seriously. They are people filled with insecurities and therefore they are negative from the inside.

  1. Deal with them carefully

Try to avoid talking to people who are judgmental or at least ignore what they say. Do not waste your energy and time on such people who just do not deserve to be surrounded with the goodness of life. Simply just do not let their harsh remarks effect you. Rather try and focus on making yourself a positive person.  [ Read: 12 Insightful Lessons To Help You Have a Better Life ]

  1. Be careful in choosing your battle with judgmental people

Sometimes having a healthy argument is important and necessary, but now in the case when you are dealing with judgmental people because they are not capable of looking at multiple options about the subject of argument. You will gain nothing out from an argument with a judgmental person because they will refuse to see your view pints.

5.Gain something positive

Be positive enough that even with the negative comments from a judgmental person you gain something about yourself, which helps you in your personal growth as an individual. Think less about what judgmental have to say, rather think more about what it reflects about them.  [ Read: Learning Lessons And Applying Them To Your Relationships ]

  1. Do not fall to their fall

When someone tries to criticize you, your first reaction is that you try to protect yourself and become defensive and sometimes in anger you may attack back. By doing this you will feel any better. Do not give them a chance to change who you truly are. Don’t be a person who also becomes judgmental along with them. Instead, walk away from that person with dignity.

  1. Carry an attitude of gratitude

You should be thankful that you are not a negative and judgmental person like them. Be thankful to god that life did not be so cruel on you that would have made you as critical as them. Be grateful that people like you from what you truly are.  [ Read: 13 Pros & Cons of Dating Someone Smarter than You ]

  1. Focus on people who love you and support you

Try to avoid and remove all the judgmental people from your life no matter how much close you were to them once. Even if that judgmental person is very close to your heart, you can still keep distance from them. Rather, be surrounded with people who love you and support who for what you are without being judgmental about you.

  1. Do not believe what they say

Just because a person is trying to judge you by passing over negative comments about it, it does not mean that it is true. You must remember that the judgmental person is just giving opinion about you, he is not saying the fact. Most judgmental people enjoy putting other people down so that they feel good about themselves. But do not believe in them.  [ Read: 13 Inspirational Quotes On Life That Changed Me ]

  1. Be compassionate

Judgmental people are not born, they are made. A person does not become judgmental unless their behavior has been modeled for them. Something must have possibly happened to them in life because of which they have become this way. Instead of being angry with them for their judgmental nature, have a little empathy for them.

  1. Re-frame their comments

Sometimes it becomes impossible for you to avoid or ignore judgmental people. You may be surrounded by them at your workplace, or even your boss can be one of them. Focus on the main and bigger things in such a situation life atleast who have a good job. The judgmental person will not interfere in your life until you give him a chance. Put their opinions into context and try to see the positives in that particular situation.  [ Read: 12 Steps To A Better Life and Find Your Happiness ]


This world is full of judgmental people. You cannot always avoid them. Sometimes in life it becomes necessary to face them and deal with them. The above given facts are explained so that you know what is right and what is wrong while you are dealing with judgmental people. And with the help of these facts, you will be able to tackle them and the situation in a better way without getting affected yourself.