11 Everyday Things to Keep Your Partner Happy

11 Everyday Things to Keep Your Partner Happy
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11 Everyday Things to Keep Your Partner Happy

One of the most important things to do when you are in relationship is to keep your partner happy all the time in new and different ways. But it is important to understand that love is special only when it is from both sides and not one sided. Unless your partner is making the some  efforts you need not to go out of your way so as to make your partner happy.  [ Read: Do I Miss My Best Friend in My Life Partner? ]

Whenever we notice a couple we see it is the guy who is trying to please his girlfriend all the time. It is always the guy who makes an effort to see his girlfriend happy. If you are in love with your guy, you too should make some efforts in every possible way to make him feel good everyday.

Here are some suggestions that can help you in cheering your partner and make him fell happy.

  1. Remember the qualities in you that made him fall for you

We generally ignore the things that actually made the guy fall for us this makes them feel that the relationship which they shared with you has lost its charm. You should always enhance those those qualities of yours which attracted him towards you. Just remember that you are the best for him.  [ Read: 10 Romantic Love Messages To Text Your Partner ]

  1. Don’t hesitate to surprise him, guys also like it!!

When a guy comes from work, he wants to leave all his work tension at his work place and wishes to spend some quality time with you. So, surprise him by doing something special for him; like arranging a candle light dinner, watching a movie together, playing his favorite video games or whatever your favorite romantic idea is.

  1. Space is the key to any relation, not only for him but for you also!!

Everyone needs time just to be with themselves. Give him enough space to spend some Me Time. Let him hangout with his friends alone, plan a ‘All Friends’ trip  for HIM. Stop being a baggage on him.This in turn will provide you your own Alone Time with your Girl Friends.[ Read: 10 Things Not To Do With Your Partner ]

  1. Don’t put him down in public.

 Always support your guy in public even if he is wrong. Don’t ignore him when you  both are out with other friends of yours. Make him feel that no one else is more Special to you than Him. This will make him feel that He means the World to you.

  1. Don’t take him for granted

The key to this is by spending quality time. When you are with him, don’t just be physically available to him. You need to be mentally and emotionally attached to him. Put away your phone when you both are together. One of the biggest relationship tip is to give your undivided attention when your partner is speaking to you. It’s is one of the most important things that you can do.  [ Read: 10 Signs Your Partner is Having An Affair ]

  1. Don’t take even yourself for granted

Pamper yourself. Just because you are in a relationship that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. Never compromise your Me Time. Guys like it when we actually make some efforts to look good and stay healthy.

  1. Even he loves to be pampered sometimes.

To keep your relationship healthy one has to lose an argument purposely sometimes. You too need to put some effort sometimes to resolve the problems instead of waiting for him to do the same for you first.  [ Read: 5 Reasons never to eye your partner’s best friend ]

  1. Try to enjoy his company more.

Rather than going out with your friends all alone, plan dinner or movies or some fun time with him. Create a list of things you both love to do together or you can even try to enjoy the things that he loves to do; like you can go out together to watch his favorite sports.

  1. Compliment him when he deserves

Never let small things he does for you go unnoticed. Little piece of appreciation always works. This motivates him to think more unique ways that will help him gain more appreciation from you. [ Read: 6 Ways To Handle A Passive Partner ]

  1. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well that’s true!!

Keep experimenting and keep trying new dishes to serve him.This is because way to man’s heart is through his stomach. It makes him feel happy if you put efforts to cook for him.

  1. Every guy wants his girl to be self-dependent

It’s better to book a cab than to call your guy if you want to go out for shopping. He loves it when you do your small little work on your own without his indulgence. He always wants you to take decisions on your own.  [ Read: 15 Must Know Relationship Advice for Women ]

The above mentioned points are simple and easy to follow. They can really help you in knowing how you can make your guy happy everyday, how you can contribute to make the day of your man better. At the end, what’s important for you is to know him better. You should be well informed what he likes and dislikes. Try to be as much creative as you can and he will fall in love with you. After all, one of the most important aspects of a relationship is the ability for both partners to look for new ways to keep each other happy all the time.