10 Ways Your Friends Know You Better than You Know Yourself

10 Ways Your Friends Know You Better than You Know Yourself

It is truly said that we don’t really get to choose our blood relations; we have to accept them for what they are. Sometimes, we don’t even get to choose our spouses and better halves. But what is always left on us, and is always our choice is our friend circle. We choose our own friends and have the liberty to choose whoever we like as our friend. Friendship is a special bond. They are like our long lost siblings who understand us so much better. Some of them are special; they understand things that even might not understand about us. They know what we are undergoing and are always present to support us.

10 Ways Your Friends Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

There so many reasons and ways why our friends know us better than we know our own self. Let’s have a look at a few of them


  1. Friends know when we are restless.

Your #friends will always know that you are restless and worried about something without you saying it. They will offer assurance and console you without you realizing its something that is bothering you. [ Check out: 8 Ways to become socially more active


  1. They understand our “I’m bored” face.

When you are sitting in a lecture at college and you look past the crowd to your friend, they instantly know that you are bored looking at the look of your face. Similarly if you are at a party and getting bored, they will know instantly without you saying it.

  1. They know when you need somebody by your side

They understand what makes you vulnerable and makes you weep. They will know what situation might make you weak and would require them to be by your side.

  1. They know instantly when you have a crush on someone

When you like someone, before you realize the degree of liking you have for them, your friends know it. They might even start teasing you with their names or pictures. Friends just know when you have a soft spot for some guy or girl you like. [ Also read: 25 ways to create More Opportunity, Adventure & Friendship with Others ]

  1. They know your “I’m about to burst out laughing” face

They know it best when you are about to burst out laughing and you are trying to hold your laughter. Sometimes, funny things happen but it is not appropriate to laugh. There is no road to recovery but to control your laughter.

  1. Friends know when you hate somebody

If you are getting negative vibes from someone and you don’t like somebody, your friends will realize it before you do and tell you to stay away from them. Since they are your #friends, they will start hating the person you hate as well.

  1. Friends know what you like and dislike about yourself

Friends know very well what qualities you like about yourself, and what things you dislike about yourself more than you would know about them.

  1. They know when you have had a fight with your partner

When times are bad and you have a fight with your boyfriend or wife, they just know about it. They know it is best to leave you alone and to comfort you. They can understand that very well.

  1. Friends get your eye expressions

When you are making a eye expressions and non verbal signals while some third person is talking, they instantly get you. Friends are very well acquainted with your non verbal communication and are habitual of it.

  1. Friends understand your double meaning and pretentious talks

Sometimes we tend to make small talk with people and be pretentious with them, for the sake of being nice or because of the social etiquette, but your #friends realize instantly, that who is being genuinely complimented by you and who you are faking it at ! [ Read here: Here are 8 ways to inspire unmotivated #friends and family members ]

Describe the ways your friends know you better than you know yourself. Share your experiences with us in the comments section.