10 Ways to Turn a Conversation into a Potential Friendship

10 Ways to Turn a Conversation into a Potential Friendship

A friendship is a relationship that is not God made. It is we, who choose our friends. Friends have become very important in everyone’s lives. Our hearts are connected to them. They are the brothers from a different mother or sisters like you never had. The kind of friend circle you have, says a lot about you too. And truly, in this era of social connect and widespread connectivity, people search for newer people to meet, talk and befriend!

10 Ways to Turn a Conversation into a Potential Friendship

But is it really that easy? Many a times, we have a good conversation with someone we like, but we just are too hesitant to take it forward.  Sometimes a conversation takes a U turn and it becomes a disaster you have to walk away from!

So how can you really turn a conversation with somebody you like, into a potential friendship? Let’s discuss!

  1. Be Bold

You need to be bold to approach somebody and actually initiate a conversation with them. Also, if someone approaches you, you must be confident enough to pull a conversation and keep it interesting. If you keep fearing rejection and never talk much, you will never have the opportunity to make a friend. [ Check out: 10 Ways to Make Friends in a New City Post-College ]

  1. Stay updated

It’s good to stay updated on the current news and trends to strike a conversation or even make a conversation last. People like to talk to others who have a good and decent update of various recent events, activities and happenings.

  1. Be humorous

It’s the best way to make friends. Crack jokes here and there. Make them laugh and they will surely want to become your friend. Display your funny side and fear not.

  1. Talk about your qualities

If you are an expert software designer, talk about it. If they ever have a problem, they will know whom to call. You might be excellent in cooking, which will definitely keep them hooked on to you.

  1. Pick out common things

Try to pick out the commonalities between you and your potential friend. Try to bond on them. For example, if you both have pets, you’ll can really share and relate about the problems and pleasures of being a dog owner. [ Also read: 6 ways to help your friend overcome a break up ]

  1. Talk about mutual friends

Try to dig out any mutual friends or acquaintances you both might know. Tell them of how you and they bonded or how they were good to you one day. Make sure you don’t gossip about the mutual friend or in any way talk negative about them.

  1. Don’t ask personal questions instantly

Some people start asking about other’s love life or other personal questions in the first or second conversation with them. This is a major buzz kill. Make sure you are not treading the line. Let them open up on their own. Once they do open up, you can talk about your personal life as well as ask them questions pertaining to their life.

  1. Ask for a connection

If you have has a long and fruitful conversation with the person, it’s best to ask them to add you on facebook or for their phone number. This would definitely give you a chance to keep in touch with them and plan out future activities together.

  1. Suggest a common activity

If your potential friend is fond of painting, and you are somewhat of a painter yourself. You should ask them to come to your place to see your paintings. Or if you are a guitarist and you meet someone who loves singing, you can ask them to join you for the jam session in the weekend. This really will break the ice between you both.

10. Don’t try too hard

Nothing is worth your self esteem. Don’t try way too hard to get someone to like you. Be yourself and keep your self confidence high. People, who like you, will like you any which way and those who don’t, will not! Give yourself enough credit for trying and approaching somebody. [ Read here: 17 Reasons why best friends mean the world ]

What are your ways to break the ice and start friendship? Share your views with us in the comments section.