10 Ways to Read Mixed Signals and Turn the Signs into Love

10 Ways to Read Mixed Signals and Turn the Signs into Love
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10 Ways to Read Mixed Signals and Turn the Signs into Love

Are you getting mixed signals from a girl or a guy you like? Yes, at times, mixed signals can be very confusing, frustrating and thwarting for one! But you know what, the good news is, that’s only when you feel like you can’t understand what’s happening in between you and that person whom you like and hence, you are so unable to anticipate gestures and signals by them.

So here we provide you with 10 such ways that will help you to predict the patterns of mixed signals:

  1. Take the Lead

One way to affect a girl who is causing the mixed signals, is to grab the reigns and move forward. Some girls send mixed signals as a result of unsure regarding your feelings towards them and are disturbed regarding being rejected. If a girl is fascinated by you and also if you try to manoeuvre things forward, possibly she’ll go together with you. Whereas, on the opposite hand, if she’s the sort of World Health Organization and simply likes to flirt, your tries at taking the ensuing step can force her to inform you the reality regarding her feelings and emotions. Either way, taking the action at the first place can offer you an additional clear plan of wherever she is.  [ Read: 14 Insights into What Men Want and Need in a Woman ]

  1. Admit that something is wrong

Okay, if the person you like is acting in different ways on the different days of the week. Sounds weird? Well here, you need to start by admitting to yourself that there’s a problem with the attraction, connection or relationship. And if you’re really into that person, you might want to keep inventing excuses for this behavior of theirs, but the sooner you can move past that and acknowledge that the mixed signals are a sign of their mixed feelings, the better off you’ll be. But also, it’s not necessary to that be the only case. So sit and talk about it. Take this confusion as an advantage to spend yet some time!

  1. Get the inside gossip

It’s no secret that ladies refer to one another regarding everything. If the lady you are into is causing mixed signals, then do a slight investigation. Obtaining data about the same will be easier if both of you have mutual friends. But, if you both don’t share any mutual friends then attempt to refer to one among her friends to whom you already met with.   [ Read: 14 Super Quick Stress Busters to Recharge Your Mind ]

  1. Mood swings

These mood swings are absolutely one of the top ways you can tell if a person is sending mixed signals to you! So here you need to dig off the attributes of their personality because they are probably covering up the fact that they are shy and doesn’t know how to act around you.

  1. When girls put their sweet faces forward:

A girl does attempt to draw in a man’s attention if she’s interested in him. Like, by resting her elbows on the surface, and placing one hand on prime of the opposite; then placing her chin on her hands and facing on to him. All of these her gestures are a clear prove of her approval in allowing the guy to admire her.  [ Read: 18 Critical Signs to Detect an Unhealthy Relationship! ]

  1. Get Some Space

You’ve acknowledged that their behavior is telling you that they doesn’t completely, unreservedly want you?  Step back and get clear of the mixed signals! Take the opportunity to get free of the wondering and second-guessing and stressing and sleeplessness. Stop calling or texting them for a change; make plans with your own friends; take a weekend away. Give yourself space to hit the reset button because this absence of yours around them might trigger them at its best and they themselves comes back to you.

  1. Ignore you in public

If your girl/guy is constantly ignoring you in public, it could be one of the signs she/he is sending you the mixed signals. How do you get around it? Well, talk to them! Express how you feel about the fact that, when you are in private, they are fine, but when you are in public, they ignores you. This talking will really make the things better if it all real by their side.   [ Read: Guy Writes an Open Letter to His Long Distance Relationship Partner ]

  1. Walk Away

If you are the sort of guy that does not have time for any such nonsense, an easy resolution to a girl causing mixed signals is to manoeuvre on to some other person. Where as, it’s going to be that a girl sending you the mixed signals, does not wish to form things too simple for you. As some girls relish taking part in laborious to urge, thus, it becomes clear that she’s simply messing with you. Also if she’s causing the mixed signals from the very start, decide yourself that for how long you could travel with them. And, if she is just not showcasing any desires to require the connection with you, then it’s the time for you to say your goodbye to her!

  1. Are you mistaking the signs?

Think, what if this person whom you like, isn’t causing any mixed signals at all? What if you’re simply creating all the assumptions? Hence, don’t let your emotions to cloud your mind. For instance, if a woman smiles or talks sweet to a guy, then, the guy could assume she’s sexually inquisitive about him. Whereas, on the opposite hand, if a guy talk’s sweet with a woman, the lady could assume that he wishes to induce into a relationship with her. So be very careful and alert while interpreting one’s signs.   [ Read: 16 Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Relationship ]

  1. Learn from it:

It’s really not like, that if a person is exhibiting their ‘mixed signs’ to you then, they actually have second thoughts regarding to date you. Rather a person can simply reflect their mixed signals out of their own undecidedness regarding whether or not they wish to have you or any other at a given point. Therefore, don’t hold on to the prejudice that mixed signals by an individual are merely to manipulate; rather, they might just ground someone’s undecided state regarding their relationship status.

At the end, it is very important for you to ensure that all these above stated points are properly understood by you, otherwise you could find yourself in an awkward situation because reading mixed signals is never easy.