10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Relationship TODAY

10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Relationship TODAY

Relationships are always amazing, they have fights, love, drama, emotion and lot of mushiness. The start of every relationship is filled with love and excitement. There is lot of discovery that a person does about their partner. They get to see various sides of their partners. With the passing of time, the relation slowly comes to a standstill. There is not much left to be discovered, there is less excitement. Things are known and planned as always. You know each other’s routine. You know each other’s likes and dislikes. Life becomes predictable and that causes boredom and stagnation in your relation. But, before your relation reaches that point, some damage control can be done. Couples can do something adventurous, something out of the blue, to kick start their relationship right away and get that much needed spark back into play. Something funny, unplanned, unpredictable and out of the blue activities will help jump start your relationship with your partner.

10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Relationship TODAY

Let’s see a few of those ways that might help add some enigma in your relation!

  1. Surprise your partner

Surprise your partner using small things. Leave a love you message on the mirror of the bathroom. Cook his favorite dish, get her a rose while you drive home from work. Such simple things will help keep the spark alive in your relationship. [ Must Check: Core of all Relationships is Spiritual


  1. Go for an unplanned vacation

Planned vacations are much less fun than unplanned vacations. Go for an unplanned, impromptu vacation to a city or another country. This will up the excitement level and also help boost your relationship with each other.

  1. Play a funny prank on your partner

Play a funny prank on your partner. Give them a prank call or scare them when they’re in the shower. It could be something as simple as putting on a mask and hiding until they walk past you to scare them off.

  1. Hide “love you” messages for him/her

Sometimes slipping a cute “love you” note in his lunch box, or in her purse earns you brownie points much more than gifts like a fine piece of diamond jewelry or a Rolex watch could. This will make them think about you whole day and they will be very excited to see you again in the evening. [ Also read: 6 ways to handle a passive partner ]

  1. Hug your partner unannounced

Hugs are amazing. No one can ever have enough of hugs. Hug your partner when they are least expecting it. This will surely bring a smile on your face and their face as well!

  1. Go for some Public Display of Affection

If you are out with your partner, do some PDA. This will make your partner feel special as it is a different form of expressing love.

  1. Dress up for your partner

Dress up in the beautiful dress that your partner gifted you. Make sure you make yourself look pretty and dazzling !

  1. Get surprise tickets to a movie or sports game

Get a surprise ticket for both of you for her favorite movie or his favorite sports game. Sometimes, you just have to sit and enjoy their company, even if you don’t enjoy the movie or the game.

  1. Hire a taxi for a full day

Hire a cab for an entire day and start off in the morning. Visit the local market, or drive to the nearest beach. Go and have lunch at a new place, this will add much needed adrenaline to your relationship. You both can go jet skiing or paragliding, if you enjoy adventures. [ Check out: The little things – So BIG in Relationships ]

  1. Go Tech Free for the weekend

Simplest way to spruce up your relation is to avoid all the tech gadgets. Keep your laptop, mobile phone, tablets, play stations and televisions at bay. Enjoy some time together with some soothing music and free of all distractions!

What are the ways you use to spice up your relationship every now and then? Share with us in the comments section.