10 Ways to get a Guy to ask You Out

10 Ways to get a Guy to ask You Out

Girls have a strong sense of gut. They know very well what a guy thinks about them and whether he likes her or not. They are very smart that way. You can actually give some subtle hints to a guy you like or who likes you. This can actually get him to ask you out. Guys sometimes need the push, to take the chance. Either it is the push by their friends or by the girl herself. So don’t wait for him to pop the question, because his shyness and doubts might never let him. [ Read: 10 Ways To Tell If Someone likes you Without Asking Them ]

10 Ways to get a Guy to ask You Out

Instead use these simple and effective ways to get him to ask you out or confess his feelings and pour his heart out to you!

  1. Spend time with him

Spend enough time with him that gives him the signal that you are into him. Guys won’t ask you out until they are sufficiently assured that you like him too. So give him just the right amount of time, don’t spend too much time too, that will slab you as a friend. [ Read: Top 18: Interesting Questions To Ask a Girl


  1. Let him know you’re single

Discuss your relationship status with him; tell him that you are looking for a guy who cares for you and somebody who has a great personality. Don’t go overboard by telling him about your ex flings. That might throw him off

  1. Get a friend to tease you about him

Get a friend of yours to call you both a couple and sense his reaction. If it makes him blush and laugh a lot, it definitely means he is into you and might definitely ask you out. When your friends start teasing you, the chemistry between the two of you will take a great turn. [ Read: How to Get a Shy Guy to Like You And #Ask You Out]

  1. Be yourself

It is important to be yourself and not someone else to get asked out. Be your own cute self without trying too hard to impress him or get him to ask you out. Don’t give up on things you like or you do, in the pursuit of getting him to ask you out.

  1. Be a damsel in distress

Sometimes you need to pretend to be a damsel in distress and let him feel like your savior. Like not being able to find a cab and getting him to drive you back is a good option of such play. [ Read: How to Get a Guy to #Ask You Out in 9 Sneaky Ways]

  1. Start flirting with him

Don’t restrict your conversation with him to food, family and friend related talk. Flirt with him. If he is flirting then give a fitting reply by blushing or ruffling his hair. If you flirt with him, he is bound to ask you out sooner than later.

  1. Invite him to occasions

If you are throwing a party, invite him to your party. If there is a friends gathering or outing, make sure you are not leaving him out. Try to get him acquainted with your friend circle as well. [ Read: How to Ask a Girl Out When You’re a Shy Guy]

  1. Show off your sense of humor

Show off your witty side to him. Let him know the funny and smart girl that you are. Make him laugh and forget his worries.

  1. Make him feel good

Make him feel good by giving him compliments. Compliment his performance at the office, or his humorous side. Or how nicely he sang at the party! This will definitely give him a sure shot sign that you are into him. [ Read: How to Ask a Guy Out Like a Classy Girl]

      10. Love yourself no matter what

If the guy is ignoring all tell–tell signs and is still not asking you out, don’t fret. Love yourself the way you always have. If you really like this guy, then ask him out yourself, and if not, be prepared to let go. Loving yourself is much more important than getting someone to love you.

Have you ever tricked a guy into asking you out? How did it work for you? Share with us in the comments section.