10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your Partner is Away from You

10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your Partner is Away from You

Christmas is a great time when everyone is surrounded by their family and friends to celebrate Christmas. But if you have recently moved for further studies or work wise, you might be away from your family. This can be quite tough, especially if you are in a new city. It could also be that your partner is far away due to his or her professional commitment or other personal emergency. In either case, you must not lose heart and dread your Christmas. [ Read: Hidden Signs: Your Boyfriend Is Cheating ]

10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your Partner is Away from You

We remember how  Chandler spent his Christmas in Tulsa and missed Monica so much that he actually quit his job and flied back to see her. Is this possible in real life? Not really, it isn’t. You might not want to quit your job or expect your partner to quit theirs just because you’ll are away for one Christmas.

We tell you a few ways to celebrate Christmas even when your partner is away from you.

  1. Invite friends over

Don’t plan a lonely and quiet Christmas. This can be a mood spoiler. Be around people. Invite your extended family or friends. Keep yourself busy in prepping for a great party at your house.

  1. Spend time with the kids

If you are with your kids this Christmas, keep the focus on them. Make them happy and prepare sweet treats for them. They will keep you very busy and happy with their constant bantering and fun. [ Check out: 15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again


  1. Tell your partner you miss them

Take some time off your Christmas chores and spend a good time with your partner over a phone call or a Skype call. Tell them how much you miss them and how you hope they are having a good time. Make them talk to your kids on the phone as well. This brings a sense of belonging and will get you through the Christmas.

  1. Do something you love

This is the perfect time to watch that Christmas movie you wanted to since all these years but never could due to hectic schedules and chores. Read the books you have been meaning to read since ages. This is a good time to do things you like and haven’t gotten the time for.

  1. Rebuild connections

Call everyone this Christmas. Re-bond with your family tree. Call your distance cousins, friends from high school, your aunts and uncles. This way you will not only spread Christmas joy but will get updates on what’s going on with all of them. You might not even feel lonely or alone.

  1. Go sight-seeing

If you are the one who is away from family and you are in a new city, wouldn’t it be amazing to discuss the diverse Christmas celebration they have around there? Go and roam around the streets of the city and see how they celebrate Christmas. This will make you explore new things and not be homesick. [ Also read: 10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories That Last ]

  1. Share the pictures

Due to the advent of technology, it is practically possible to be witnessing almost everything going on at a place which is thousand miles away from you. So share pictures of you, decorations, your home, the street lights with your partner and give them a feel of how your Christmas is going.

  1. Get musical

If you love singing Christmas carols, enroll yourself for a local event. Invite your friends over, and jam with them. Sing carols at home with your children. If you love playing an instrument like guitar or mouth organ, play it and entertain your party guests. [ Read here: 10 Tips for Surviving Christmas if you are a Separated Parent ]

  1. Get a good sleep

Christmas can be a very busy time. When you are with your partner, you have to manage the routine of both of you, and squeeze out time to spend together. Instead of sulking over your partner’s absence, take time off to get a good sleep and refresh yourself for a bright Christmas day.

10. Fly down to surprise them

This might be the least likely possibility, because not many couples do that. But it is by far the most adventurous thing of the list; you can have a small vacation with your partner by surprising them by arriving at the place where they are at. This is sure to make your Christmas merrier and joyous!

How do you spend your Christmas when your partner is away from you? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section.