10 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Tension After an Argument

10 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Tension After an Argument
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10 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Tension After an Argument

Arguments are part and parcel of a relationship. If you are really in love with someone and have been in a steady, healthy relationship for quite some time, arguments are bound to happen. While some arguments get over quickly, some couples take some time before arriving at a mutually acceptable solution. Even after getting over an argument, you find it difficult to talk to your partner. An awkward tension follows. Now, the tension could be a result of feeling guilty or thinking is it okay to talk right now or should you give your partner some time. There could be several different reasons but you should not let the awkward tension linger between the two of you as it could prove fatal for your relationship.

Here are 10 ways to avoid the tension to avoid the awkward tension after an argument:

  1. Forgive each other

It is good to say a ‘sorry’ to your partner but if it does not come from the heart, it does not mean anything. Apologize only when you really feel sorry about it. If your partner is at fault and they apologize, accept it gracefully and forgive them. It will be difficult to move on if you do not accept your partner’s apology and forgive them. [ Read: 8 ways to stop an argument with your partner ]

  1. Do not dissect the argument

Some people try to think about the argument long after it is over. They analyze it from all corners and try to find something that they can use against their partner. What would you gain by making someone you love feel guilty? Do not get in to the ‘why’s’ and ‘who’s’ and forget about the argument as soon as possible.

  1. Do not hold a grudge

It is futile to hold a grudge against your partner. Even if they did something that hurt you, you should forgive them. If you love your partner and want the relationship to move ahead, you have to let go of your grudges. If you don’t, there will always be some bitterness in the relationship. What has already happened cannot be undone but you must keep it behind you. [ Read: 15 Must Know Relationship Advice for Women ]

  1. Start talking

An awkward silence after an argument leads to tension between the couple. You must lighten the mood by talking to your partner immediately after the argument gets over. You could share a joke or say something funny that would change the mood of your partner. Put the problem, you were fighting about, before you and talk about the good things in life.

  1. Go out

Ask your partner to go out together. You could make a visit to your favourite restaurant or go on a long drive. Take your partner to a place which they like or one which you both have some fond memories of. Moving away from the place in which you had an argument for some time would be nice. You could also talk it out on a driver along the highway. A change of environment does wonders to one’s mood. [ Read: 11 Questions you Need to ask Yourself after a Break Up ]

  1. Show them pictures

Show your partner some pictures of the both of you. The pictures will remind them of the wonder time you both have spent together in the pat and the value that you hold in each other’s lives. Pictures are a gateway to memories. Remind yourself and your partner of some wonderful, pleasant memories and the tension would soon wither away.

  1. Discuss the problem

The argument did not arise out of thin air. There must be some issue that gave rise to the argument between the two of you. Talk about it and try to resolve it. For that, you both need to keep your ego issues aside, sit down together and talk about it maturely. Even though the argument gets over and the issue persists, it will definitely lead to several fights in the future. So, it is better to resolve it sober than later. [ Read: 11 Lessons to Deal with Judgmental People ]

  1. Do not run away

If you had an argument with your partner, face it and the consequences that come along with it. A lot of people try to escape from the situation by running away. But, here is the thing. There is no escape route for this. Either you face the problem or you call it quits. Face the argument and save your relationship.

  1. Give a hug

There is no fight or conflict that cannot be resolved by a warm and tight hug. When words fail, actions talk. Make physical contact with your partner and show them you love as much as you love them before. Make them feel loved by giving a warm hug. Let them soak in the warmth of your love. [ Read: 13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend ]

  1. Introspect

While over analyzing the argument is not good, introspection is very important. You must contemplate you r actions and understand where you went wrong. Learn to figure out your mistakes and accept them. It will not make you any smaller. All of us make mistakes but we must learn from them and not should repeat them again. Do not let your mistakes spoil your relationship.

The end of an argument does mean the end of a fight. As long as you do not get over the bitterness, the tension will remain. Once tension creeps in, your relationship will wither away slowly. A couple always needs to remember the immense love they have for each other and do not let anything get bigger than it.