10 Ways On How To Hold Him Back After Sleeping With Him

10 Ways On How To Hold Him Back After Sleeping With Him

Wondering how to hold him back after sleeping with him? Women often fear that their boyfriends would lose interest in them after sleeping with them. Even if they love their boyfriend and trust them to a great extent, a sense of insecurity prevails in their mind. They want their boyfriends to stay committed but think they will move away from them after their sexual encounter. They are open to getting intimate with their partner but want to ensure they will not leave them after it happens.  Women have their reasons to be concerned about this and one understands their need to feel secure. [ Read: 10 Reasons Why Your Guy Never Texts You Back after Sleeping With You ]

10 Ways On How To Hold Him Back After Sleeping With Him-likelovequotes

Here are 10 ways on how to hold him back after sleeping with him:

  1. Stay in touch

The most important thing to do after you sleep with him is to keep in touch with him. Even he gets a little busy and fails to make calls or write to you, you must make it a point to stay in touch with him by calling him up or asking him to meet. Relationships break when people get busy and lose touch with each other. Do not get any wrong ideas if he does not call you for some time after you sleep with him. Get rid if your apprehensions by reaching out to him instead of feeling bad about sleeping with him. [ Read: Sleeping With Your Bf on First Date, Is it a Good Idea?


  1. Control him

It is important to give your partner the freedom they rightfully deserve but if you are feeling a bit insecure then you could consider exercising a bit of control over him. Do not control him to an extent that he starts feeling suffocated. Just make him feel obligated to you to some extent. He should be answerable for everything that he does because you have been sleeping with him.

  1. Make him crave for you

Do not give him all that he wants in your first encounter. Hold back some things for the future. If you fulfill all his wishes and desires, he would not ask for anything else in the future. You should make him crave for you. Take one step at a time and reserve some things for the future. [ Read: Why Do Guys Lose Interest In You After Sleeping With You? ]

  1. Keep an eye

 You must keep a watch on him and keep a rack of his activities. Do not spy on him and look out for him as and when possible. Keep calling him from time to time and find out as to where he is at different times in a day.  You must do this a little discreetly so that he does not get to know about it.

  1. Keep the excitement alive

Keep things lively so that the excitement never dies down. Relations die a slow death when there is no excitement left. When you are with him, make sure that you keep him interested and there is no dull moment. Be creative and try out different ways to have fun. Plan outings, organize dates and surprise him with gifts, keep doing these things and keep the fervor alive. [ Read: 10 Things You Must Consider before Sleeping with a Guy ]

  1. Express your love

Although he knows that you love him, it is important to express your love. Do not shy away from doing something to express your feelings. You must let him know how much he means to you. There is no limit to the ways in which you can show your love to your partner. Do not keep your feelings hidden in the corners of your heart.

  1. Compliment him

Paying compliment is an effective way of making someone feel special. You must praise him whenever he achieves something or does something that pleases you. At times, you could get extra sweet and shower him with compliments even when what he has achieved does not warrant that much praise. But, you should not praise him when there is no need to do so. It would feel odd when you are complimenting him for what he is wearing when the both of you know that he looks hideous in his outfit. [ Read: 10 Signs He’s Faking Love Just to Sleep With You ]

  1. Talk to him

Talk to him and ask him as to how did he feel about the experience. If both of you are getting intimate for the first time, it would create a sense of awkwardness after you are done with it. To get rid of that awkwardness and make him feel comfortable, you must have a good conversation with him.  Silence would make you more awkward. So, it is important that you break the ice with a conversation.

9. Be independent.

You must be an independent person but you should have no qualms in seeking your partner’s help when you need it. You should not be reserved and reach out to them whenever you need them. This will also help you get close to them and they would feel good about the fact that you trust him enough to seek their help. [ Read: Love Means To Commit Oneself Without Guarantee ]

  1. Look great

This is the easiest and most effective method when you are trying to hold him back. It is important to be physically attractive and get physically attracted to your partner. You have to put in some effort when you go out to meet him and must be impeccably dressed at all times. If you manage to look attractive all the time, he will find it difficult to resist your charm.

You should not try too hard to exercise control over your guy after sleeping with him. It is not unreasonable to be concerned about your relationship. It is not tough to hold him back and keep him close to you. Act normal and love him the way you used to before you slept with him. If you notice any behavioral changes in him, talk to him about it.