10 Trust Issues in an Online Relationship

10 Trust Issues in an Online Relationship

10 Trust Issues in an Online Relationship

In today’s world, the growth and expansion of technology has given birth to a new kind of relationship that develops over the internet. The advent of emails and social networking websites have enabled a lot of people to connect with each other and they start dating in the virtual world. While a lot of people have found love over the internet, few have managed to see a happy ending. Online relationships are plagued with trust issues as the two individuals in a relationship stay far away from each other and connect only through the internet. [ Read: 10 Important Things To Take Care In An Online Relationship


Here are 10 trusting issues that prevail in an online relationship:

  1. Distance

The major factor that gives rise to trust issues between couples is distance between them. You are in a relationship with a person, but you never get to meet them. Your only source of communication with them is the internet. This could end up frustrating you. When you date someone, you would expect to spend some time with them. Not getting to meet them could make you feel anxious. [ Read: Important Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating ]

  1. Doubt over their identity

It is very easy to create a fake profile on a social networking website. People can put up a picture of any random person and fill up a profile with any kind of information they want. Even if you have been chatting with a person over the internet for some time, you feel a little doubtful about their identity unless you meet them in person.

  1. No reply

You have sent a message to your partner which has remained unanswered for many days now. You do not have any other medium to reach out to them and start wondering why they are not replying to your message. Your mind starts getting filled up with negative thoughts and you get worried. In such situations, it is important to be calm. Do not take any steps before hearing from them. [ Read: Love online!]

  1. Infidelity

People think their partner will cheat on them even when they are around them. In an online relationship, when your partner is miles away from you, it becomes extremely difficult to hold on to your trust for a long time and believe that they would not fall prey to any kind of temptation.

  1. Duration

How long will the relationship last? This is a question you end up asking yourself several times when you are in a relationship. You have never met your partner in person. Hence, it will be tough for you to determine how long your relationship is going to last. You are looking for a long term relationship but you are not sure if things will turn out the way you want them to. Staying closer to your partner would have given you some assurance which seems missing in an online relationship. [ Read: Things You Should Never DO in a Long Distance Relationship ]

  1. Fights

Fights take place between every couple. There is nothing abnormal about a couple getting into fights. However, in the real world, after you have a fight with your partner, you go to them and sort out the issue soon enough. Resolving fights is not as easy in online relationships. Your partner is far away from you. So, if there is a communication gap between the two of you, it will be difficult to talk to each other because of the distance.

  1. Commitment

If you are looking for commitment, online relationships could prove to be a tricky deal for you. Even if your partner commits to you, the only thing you have is their word. You have never met them and your only interaction with them is over the internet. Looking for something as serious as commitment is possible through the internet, but you have to find a way of figuring out whether they are really committed to you. [ Read: Long Distance Relationship Songs You Should Listen to ]

  1. The other people

When you are on a social networking website, you make acquaintances with several people. The person you are in a relationship with and the friends you know personally are not the only people whom you interact with. You discover a lot of strangers and start talking to them. This also makes you slightly insecure as you know your partner is talking to a lot of people whom they do not know. You fear they could end up getting involved with them and cheat on you.

  1. Network issues

As the internet is your only source of communication with your partner, bad network can create havoc in your relationship. When the internet gets disconnected and there is no way to reach out to your partner, you start getting anxious. This anxiousness can lead to trust issues. The Network issue is a very trivial one, but when your relationship is based completely on the internet, you are likely to get perturbed when the network is down. [ Read: Can Long Distance Love Survive the Distance? ]

  1. The future

When you are in a serious relationship, you envision a future with your partner. In an online relationship, things tend to be a little uncertain. You do not know what is going to happen. Why, you haven’t even met your partner. In such a situation, it is a little difficult to make yourself believe that this relationship will last forever.

You cannot evade trust issues when you are in an online relationship. Even if you trust your partner completely, there are moments of insecurity that inevitably creep in. You are thankful to the internet as it helped you find love, but the medium has certain limitations which could lead to trust issues.