10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories that Last

10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories that Last

Christmas and the holiday season is an amazing time. You are completely at peace, surrounded by your friends, family and their kids. It is the time when everyone thinks, “Sigh…This is the life.”  But it might so happen that we over-burden ourselves with Christmas chores and forget to make Christmas about anything else but the food. Hence, it is important that you carefully plan your days and manage your time in order to make your Christmas memorable and happy for you and your family. Christmas Memories are awesome! [ Read: 10 Professional Resolutions for the New Year ]

10 Tips to Make Christmas Memories that Last

Let us check out a few ways in which you can make your Christmas memories last!


  1. Click a lot of pictures

What worth is all the fun, if you don’t have something to see, comment on or discuss post the celebrations? So click a lot of pictures of yourself, your Christmas decorations, Christmas tree, your family, friends and the entire festive occasion. This will always keep your memory refreshed on what was that year’s Christmas like. [ Check out: 15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again


  1. Make a scrap book

Of what use are the pictures if you are just going to wrap them up and put them in a corner? Maintain a scrapbook by the name of ‘Christmas memories’. Stick at least 5 extremely special pictures of Christmas of this year. Title every page by the year names “2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 ”. Try to make each of your Christmas years different and better than the previous one.

  1. Don’t focus on the gifts, but the celebration

Usually Christmas is reduced to the exchanging of gifts. So plan a ‘no gift’ Christmas, to take all the focus away from gifts. This way, you and your family would be more open to doing different things and enjoy the Christmas spirit.

  1. Sing Christmas Carols and record them

Make a tradition of recording Christmas carols along with your guitarist friends. Record them over a tape every year and also reflect on what carols you sang last year and it would definitely make you laugh as well. No better way to enjoy memories than to record a group of family and friends interacting and singing merry songs.

  1. Christmas themed food

Try to make sandwiches in the shape of a tree or Santa shaped cookies. This will add to your joy of Christmas and your kids will forever ask for the Santa shaped sweets you prepared last year! [ Also read: 10 tips to reduce stress and avoid family conflicts this Christmas ]

  1. Prepare Christmas cards

Instead of buying Christmas cards, try to make Christmas and holiday greeting cards. This will help you bond with your children and make the whole activity a lot more fun. You will also save a little money.

  1. Do something unusual

Best way to make a Christmas memory is to do something different than what you might ever do on a Christmas. Visit a zoo with your children or enjoy a sports game with your kids. You could also go visit various parks and enjoy the weather!

  1. Read a different Christmas book

Read a different Christmas book to your kids each year. Make this a tradition in your family. This way, they will not only enjoy their Christmas but also wait for a new story each year.

  1. Have a tech free Christmas

Keep a common ban on laptops, mobile phones, televisions and anything technology related. You don’t want your family gathered around, all busy on their phones on Christmas day!

       10. Attend local events

There are a variety of local events that happen in every neighbourhood during Christmas. Go along with your children to attend that, it will not only be easy on the pocket but also a fun time you can spend outside with your family. [ Read here: 10 best ways to celebrate Christmas ]

So how do you make sure your Christmas memories last? Tell us how you enjoy your Christmas!