10 Tips to be a Good House Husband

10 Tips to be a Good House Husband

The term “housewife” has been heard for a long time and is still prevalent. Women today, have not only taken over the successful corporate world but have professional lives too. So at present, ‘a housewife’ is not merely a home-maker, she is more like a career driven professional. Though men have always been career centered but now, with more and more working women, it’s time that men should also start indulging themselves in the household work. The new term doing rounds is “ house husband ” and if you haven’t heard of it, its time you acquaint yourself with it and start practicing it as well! As it takes two salaries to lead an exotic lifestyle these days, similarly, it also requires the effort of both the partners to take care of their home.

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10 Tips to be a Good House Husband

Moreover, if you become a good house-husband, you’ll not only be a hit with your wife and kids but, you’ll also earn appreciation from her social circle and family.

  1. Happy Meals

Nothing can be more grateful to a working woman, than to have some occasional home-made meal by her husband. Like, if you know that she has a hectic Thursday every week, make sure that you prepare a dinner for her and the family at least every Thursday. Also, sometimes, taking them out for a dinner will do.

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  1. Party planner

If you both are throwing a house-party, it is essential that you help her out with the planning of the party and get the food, set up decorations, serve wine and snacks to the guests as well!

  1. Baby-sitting

 If you have a baby, you could help her out with changing the diapers or putting the baby to sleep when she is doing some other chores. In addition, getting toys for the baby and baby-sitting while she is busy can be of a great help for her.

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  1. Grocery Shopping

If you aren’t big on shopping, you can still assist her in grocery or household shopping. Remember that it is not just her work to make sure that the home looks beautiful and is never in dearth of food supplies.

  1. Walk the dog

If you are idle and she is working, you can help her by taking the dog for a walk occasionally. It would give her some spare time to relax ,whereas, it will also help relieve your stress!

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  1. Spick and span

Yes, nobody likes a messed up house, not the women at least! Sometimes lending help to clean the house, or the wardrobes/drawers can be of great help. Especially during parties and occasions hosted at your place, a helping hand in dusting and cleaning around the home will be appreciated by her.

  1. Gardening

If your house is decorated with plants or you have a small garden, you can water the plants or trim them and style them once a while. Since, gardening can be a exhausting work , your wife will surely appreciate it getting done by you.

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  1. Visitor woes

When an aunt or a sibling visits your home for a week or more, things can be difficult for her, therefore, this is the best time to help her around the house with small chores, like, preparing the morning coffee or doing the dishes at times.

  1. Machine man

Lot of house work suffers when a washing machine, microwave, dish-washer or the air conditioner goes for a toss. It’s really important for you to step in that time, by either fixing it or getting some help for fixing it and following up until it gets done.

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  1. Help with the kids

You must drive your children to school at times and also pick them up on your day offs. Sometimes, helping them with their homework and assignments can get you brownie points with kids as well as from your wife. It would be really appreciated by her, if you can help prepare their snack boxes at times and dress them up for school if they’re really young. Also, it is important to take an initiative to take them out and to visit their grandmother or aunts and uncles.

Being a good husband is not enough anymore; you have to be a great house-husband too! P.S. Nothing works with women better than a helping hand with the house-work!