10 Tips on How to Keep Your CRUSH Interested

10 Tips on How to Keep Your CRUSH Interested

Let’s face it. We all have crushes. Be it a cute guy who bumped into you or your school friend who shared her lunch box with you. It could also be your neighbor’s daughter or the pizza delivery guy. We all have crushes. We forget about them soon. But sometimes, we get really serious about our crush and start contemplating ways to start talking to them or approach them. By sheer luck and guts, we finally start talking to them, but we don’t know how to keep them hanging around for us or how to push them to like us or ask us out. [ Read: 10 Unmistakable Signs Your Friend is Crushing on You ]

10 tips on How to keep your CRUSH interested

Let’s see a few tips to keep the person you have a cute crush on, interested in you and your life!

  1. Dress up

Appearance is always noted first. Be it girls or guy, everyone likes a neatly dressed person, whether they say it or they don’t. So don’t feel afraid to wear those high heels or the smart jacket you bought for yourself the other day. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your #Crush


  1. Take an interest in their life

Have an interest in their life. What their hobbies are like? Don’t go ahead and ask if they have an auto insurance or not, or what is their worst embarrassing moment in life. This will just freak them out and they might not really like it. Listen to what they say and then offer advice or appreciation. Know what their hobbies are, try to find common things that you both would like and enjoy!

  1. Listen to them

It’s important to not just be a blabbermouth and keep talking. You must also listen to them, and they should feel like you are paying attention to them. Although, listening to them for hours and hours together without saying a word, might make them take you for granted, but listening to them occasionally is a must. [ Read: This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS {Your #Crush} ]

  1. Joke around

No one hates a person who can be funny and has a sense of humor. Joke around your crush. Let them see your uninhibited and funny side. They might need a laugh or two, and if you get them laughing and falling, there’s nothing better to keep them by your side forever.

  1. Drop hints that you like them

Drop small hints that you are single and you like guys who are tall and handsome, just like they are. This should be smart hint dropping without giving away too much. [ Read: 18 Things You should avoid Doing on Your First Date! ]

  1. Surprise them

Surprise them with presents or gifts or tickets to a concert. People who like going out with you, will always stick by you.

  1. Show off a bit

It’s very necessary that you show off a bit, time and again to them about your good qualities and achievements. This will raise your personality in their mind, and make them think highly of you. Don’t be a brag bluff, but let them know that you have your own interests and how you excel at things too. [ Read: Does Your Boyfriend Talk To His Ex All The Time? ]

  1. Make them a bit jealous

Make them a bit jealous occasionally talking about a girl you found cute or a boy, you found cute. Jealousy is a serious emotion; they won’t be able to hide it for long.

  1. Don’t always be available

Don’t run to them at the first call they give you. Take some time to control your excitement. You should also say that you are busy at times, this will help them understand that you make special time out for them and you aren’t an idler as such! [ Read: 10 Reasons Your Ideal Man Wish List isn’t Working for You ]

  1. Be your own self

Don’t try too hard to impress others. Be your own self and carry a huge smile on your face, this is sure to make them stay around you and who knows if you have the self-confidence, they might even go all out and propose you! So be yourself despite all odds and things will fall in line for you.

How did you manage to approach your crush and tell them your feelings? Share your experience with us in the comments section.