10 Tips for Surviving Christmas if you are a Separated Parent

10 Tips for Surviving Christmas if you are a Separated Parent

Separation or a divorce can be very painful as it is, and surviving a holiday season with an estranged partner and kids is a mammoth task. Yet, it can be turned out provided you have the proper mind set and attitude about it. You cannot just keep blaming yourself and the consequences for whatever has happened. This will only spread negativity and bad vibes around you. It’s the time for merry and joy, and the only way to be happy during Christmas is to be welcoming, merry and joyful irrespective of what life has thrown at you. [ Read: 15 Tips To Save $500 By #Christmas ]

10 Tips for Surviving Christmas if you are a Separated Parent

You might be having your kids with you and maybe your partner wants to spend Christmas with them. Or it might be the other way around, wherein the kids are with your partner and you want to see your kids this Christmas. This situation can be quite tricky and requires careful thought, co-ordination and planning. You don’t want to fight and quarrel in front of your kids or about your kids, making it tougher for them to survive your separation.

Let us look at some tips that will help you not only survive the Christmas but also have a good time, even if you are separated from your partner.

  1. Keep yourself busy

Don’t stay alone or too idle during Christmas, this will only make your reflect on whatever has happened and where you have lost out. So keep yourself busy with the chores, or pamper yourself with a hot bath, pedicure, manicure or a workout session. [ Check out: 10 Tips to Make #Christmas Memories That Last


  1. Plan Beforehand

Try to have a word with your ex partner regarding the plans for Christmas and plan a month in advance. Let them know which days you would like to spend with the kids or which days you would be okay sending the kids with them. Planning will help avoid collision and arguments.

  1. Invite friends and family

Don’t skip the socializing bit, this Christmas just cause of your relationship status. Invite your friends, family or go to a house party. This will help you overcome your sorrows and will definitely cheer you up.

  1. Try to spend Christmas together

Christmas is basically family time, traditions, stories, presents and lot of yummy food for the children. They might not like spending it with just one of their. They might feel deprived of a complete family and compare themselves to their other friends. So if possible, both of you can come together for at least the day of Christmas and make it a good memory for your children!

  1. Divide the presents

Discuss the presents you are getting for your kids with your ex partner. That will avoid duplication of gifts and both of you’ll can give something unique and special to your kids. [ Also read: 10 Ways to Celebrate #Christmas when your partner is away from you ]

  1. Invite their cousins and friends

If you don’t want your kids to focus on the separation, invite a lot of their cousins or friends to your party. This will keep them busy and happy throughout the day! They will laugh their hearts out.

  1. Don’t fight or mock each other

This is the least you can do for yourself and your children. Don’t bring up fights or get annoyed easily with your partner during the Christmas day. It can be quite demanding with all the guests and chores, but you still have to maintain your calm.

  1. Follow the family traditions

If you had started a family tradition couple of years back, try your best to follow it. Let your kids know that they still have a lovely family tree. They must enjoy and remember the traditions every year and look forward to it.

  1. Don’t introduce your new partner to kids

You might have even started dating someone new after your separation. But Christmas is not a good time to introduce your new partner to your children.  It might have a huge impact on them and might ruin their mood and spirit.

      10. Let the kids choose

Your kids might be teenagers and wouldn’t want to spend time with either parent during Christmas. In that case, let the kids choose what they want, who they want to spend it with, their mother, father or friends and cousins. [ Read here: 10 Best #Christmas Gifts to give to your loved ones ]

 What are your plans this Christmas? Share with us in the comments section.