10 Tips for Finding Love Next Year

10 Tips for Finding Love Next Year

This year has almost gone, and you haven’t yet found your soul mate? Don’t worry, be happy. You might not have gotten all what you wanted this year, but you might strike gold in the year 2017. Be hopeful for the next year. Perhaps, you may find love next year. What are the things you need to do to find love and put yourself out there for the next year?

10 Tips for Finding Love Next Year

  1. Take more trips/vacations

If you haven’t taken a lot of trips this year, you have missed out on lot. Take trips with your friends, and let them invite their friends along. This will help you socialize and bond with other people. You might end up with new friends and who knows, you might find the love of your life! [ Read: Reasons Why Relationships Hit the Three – Year Bump


  1. Open your heart

Stop being reserved. Open your heart and mind to the possibility that someone might actually like you or love you! If you believe that you are lovable and charming, others will find you so. If you believe you are non-attractive and dull, everyone else is bound to think so!

  1. Socialize more

Things haven’t gone as planned this year. Probably you were too busy in your work and family. Take some time out from your daily routine and attend parties and get together to socialize and meet new people. This will boost your confidence as well as expand your social circle. [ Read: 100 Best and Unique Happy New Year WhatsApp Messages and Quotes { 2016 } ]

  1. Take a hobby class

Pursue your passion. If you love dancing, take a dance class – for you never know, your dance partner might add some romance in your life. Take classes for guitar playing, singing or cooking, whatever interests you and you will raise the chances of meeting someone you like by many folds.

  1. Believe that you will find love

This is probably the most important tip of all. If you believe someone is there, out there for you, you will surely bump into him or her someday. If you are a non-believer and are cynical, it might make you more and more negative about the concept of love. Believe that you will find love this year and God has some special plans for you! [ Read: 10 Real-Parent New Year’s Resolutions ]

  1. Connect virtually

If you still don’t use Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter you are missing out all the fun that one can have there. In order to be in line with today’s times, make sure you start using at least one or more social apps on your phone to connect with new people and to share your own interests and life with others.

  1. Self Development

You need to focus on self-development this year, more than finding somebody for yourself. In the lieu of developing own self; you will encounter many people who will fall head over heels for you. Focus on your priorities, your work, family, friends and health. Join a gym, read books, take a hobby class, be productive at work and spare some time for family for best results! [ Read: 10 New Year’s Resolutions that Will Make You Happier ]

  1. Stop judging people

If you judge people and stereotype them, and this is your habit, it is very difficult for you to find somebody. Don’t judge people so quickly, they might have a different story to tell. Be patient with people and give them some time before putting them in the rejection list.

  1. Try to converse with people

 Some people might not talk to you if you don’t approach them. Shed the ego and converse with people. Take efforts to make it a fruitful conversation. This is how people start liking you. [ Read: 9 New Years Love Resolutions for Happy Relationships ]

  1.  Don’t wait for the perfect man or perfect girl

Perfection is a myth and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Hence, don’t wait for the perfect man or lady to arrive in your life. You might be missing out somebody who can make you ten times happier than the non-existent perfect partner!