10 Things You should Not Give Up for a Relationship

10 Things You should Not Give Up for a Relationship

Being in a relationship can be the best time of your life. It can show you the great thrills of life and you always have company wherever you want to go. You have a companion always. Relationships are most vied for by people who are single. But being in a relation requires good amount of compromises, promises, adjustment and sacrifices. It is often seen as this wonderland where everything you dream of, is achieved, but what lies below is not seen to most of the people. Two people try their best to not fight, accommodate each other and solve each other’s problems whilst being together. Some people change a hell lot about themselves when they get into a relationship and then they regret it after it’s over because by that time, nothing that they had earlier is left with them.

10 Things You should Not Give Up for a Relationship

So there must be some things which you must never change or give up even if you get into a relationship.

  1. Never give up on your friends

If your partner consistently nags you to leave your friends or get rid of them from your life, step back from the relationship right away. You sure as hell cannot give up your life long childhood best friends for somebody who has just come in your life. Friends are for life. If you ever break up with person and are left alone, you won’t even have your friends to support and encourage you. This can be a nightmare. Friends are a backbone in today’s world. Everyone requires friends at all stages of life. In fact, being in a relationship doesn’t even seem that special if you don’t have friends to tease you about it. [ Read: 25 ways to create More Opportunity, Adventure & Friendship with Others


  1. Never give up your free time

Self time is extremely important to reflect on life and make sound decisions and improvements in one’s life. Free time is essential to focus on your hobbies, your passions and future path and goals. If your partner does not let you have any time to yourself, they are making you extremely dependent on themselves and not allowing you to be yourself or reflect on your life and decisions. Everything cannot be done “together” in a relationship, especially individual growth decisions and passion related decisions. [ Read: #Relationship – There are times in LIFE when ONE has to WALK AWAY ]

  1. Never give up on your dreams

Things that you have dreamt about from your childhood, your entire teenage and the dream that gives you the rush to live your life, you just cannot afford to give up on that. Include your partner in your dreams, make your dreams wider and bigger and live it along with your partner. If your partner keeps de-motivating you and making you feel like you cannot achieve your dream and pushes you to pursue something you don’t like, take a quick step back from this relationship. [ Read: Childish But Awesome Truths Of Life – Must Read ]

  1. Never give up on your self-respect

If you are with a person, who doesn’t realize your value, takes you for granted, doesn’t respond to you for ages, and talks to you according to their comfort timings, please, for heaven’s sake, do not waste your time with this person. A person, who is destroying your self-respect, deserves no damn space in your life even for a single minute. If the person you are with, makes you feel miserable and little, this relationship is doing you more harm than possible good it can ever do to you.  [ Read: Tips To Know That The Girl You Like Is Making A Fool Out Of You ]

  1. Never give up on your independence

If your partner is extremely clingy and doesn’t let you be independent, then it’s a good sign to take a break from this relationship. You deserve to be independent. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that a person has to give up on their individuality, independence and ideologies. The freedom to make your own choice, the freedom to make decisions, the freedom to change your career and the freedom to choose people you want to hang out with should always be there in any relationship. [ Read: 10 Things Not To Do With Your Partner ]

  1. Never take your family for granted.

Just because now you’ve somebody special in your life, doesn’t mean you can take all others for granted especially your family members. Keep always one thing in mind, it will be your family only, eventually when you will feel broken, standing there to support you and to be by your side no matter what.

  1. Your freedom should never be compromised.

Never compromise your freedom for your partner. Tell him/her straight that you are very particular about your freedom in life. You didn’t decide to come in relationship just to get caged. You want to be a free bird, and not a bad trip in life!

  1. Your personal space should be respected.

Just because you both are in relationship now, doesn’t mean he is allowed to act as a CID investigating officer. He should always be told to respect your personal space. He should not be allowed to irrelevantly check your phone or e-mails. He should learn to trust you.

  1. Never give up on your dignity.

Always give your dignity the first priority, no matter what. Sometimes you can put it on stake, but just up to a limit, may be to save your relationship but it should not be always you doing that. It should be on two-way road.

  1. Don’t put your career on stake.

Last and the most important is. Don’t ever put your career on stake just for your partner. Because once if your career is ruined there are very less chances of your partner to stay by your side even at the time of distress. So your studies, your professionalism, and career should never be taken for granted.

Have you ever been forced to give up on any one of these things? If yes, how did you tackle it? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.