10 Things You Must Consider before Sleeping with a Guy

10 Things You Must Consider before Sleeping with a Guy

Getting intimate with your partner is an integral part of a relationship. After a particular point in a relationship, you do feel the urge to get intimate with your partner and take the relationship to the next level. While you should react to your natural instincts, you should not get into it without putting thought and thinking about it over a while. There are some important things you have to take into consideration before you sleep with a guy. [ Read: 10 Signs He’s Faking Love Just to Sleep With You ]

10 Things You Must Consider before Sleeping with a Guy

Here are 10 things you must consider before sleeping with a guy:

  1. Does he really love you?

The first and the most important thing that you need to consider is that whether he is really in love with you or just feigning the emotions just to sleep with you. You have to be sure that he loves you. Put him through some tests to figure it out if you feel the need to do so. You make love to a person whom you are in love with. [ Read: Reasons Why Guys Start to Ignore You after Sleeping with You


  1. Has he proposed to you yet?

It is not necessary that the guy has to propose to you before you get intimate with him. But, the fact that he proposed to you does give you a bit of an assurance that he is serious bout you. It makes you trust him and moves away the load of doubt that you might have in your head.

  1. Are you comfortable?

You must not get into this of you are not comfortable with the idea of getting into a sexual relationship. You must be okay with getting intimate with your partner. Do not let your partner pressurize and do not feel guilty if you think you do not want to do this. It is perfectly fine not to do this. It is imperative that you take the comfort factor into account before you take the plunge. [ Read: You Know You Are In Love When…… ]

  1. How long have you been dating?

Have you been dating for a long time or did you meet him just a while back? You need to introspect and figure out whether you have been dating long enough to get intimate with each other. Getting intimate with your partner is a very personal decision and there is no timeline dictating when you should take the plunge.  However, it would be better if you get into this after exploring the relationship properly.

  1. Do you trust him?

You are in a relationship with him but do you trust him completely? If you do not trust him that much, ask yourself as to what is stopping you from doing so. Trust is something that has to be earned. You cannot force anyone to trust you. If your partner has not been able to earn his trust till now there must some reason behind it. You must find out what is making you doubt him and his intentions. [ Read: 30 Sensual Lines That Will Definitely Make Your Man Smile ]

  1. Do not be in a hurry

Getting into a relationship, especially for the first time, is an exciting experience. You want to explore a lot of things and implement the ideas you had in your head about love and romance. You should have fun when you are in a relationship but you must act responsible too. You should not rush into things and let things take their own course. The thought of getting intimate with your partner would excite you but you should wait for the right time.

  1. Be informed

You should think carefully before having sex with someone. You must make sure that you have all the information pertaining to sex and are aware of the implications of having sexual intercourse. You should be fully aware of what you are getting into before you say yes. Having sex without any knowledge could lead you towards trouble. [ Read: Ways Guys Manipulate and Control Their Girlfriends ]

  1. Is he the one?

Mostly, people like to get intimate with someone they are serious about. Figure out whether you see future with the person you are in a relationship with at the moment. If you think he is the one then you should not worry and go ahead with your decision. But, if you have the slightest of doubt about doing it with him, then take some time and think about it.

  1. Want some time

It is important to do things at the right time inn a relationship. This right time is something that should be decided by each of you and agreed upon by both of you. Even if your partner is eager to sleep with you, you must ask him to wait if you feel it is the right time has not arrived as yet. [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Life Partner on his Birthday to Surprise him ]

  1. The priorities

You must have some priorities in a relationship. If you want to settle a few things before you get into this, then finish them first. Getting intimate might be your partner’s priority but if it does not seem important to you at the moment, you can push it ahead. A relationship brings along several things and responsibilities that deserve equal attention. You must work towards fulfilling those objectives before you get in to this.

Getting intimate is an important but not the most important part of a relationship. If he really loves you, whether you agree to sleep with him or not should not make a huge difference to him.  He should be content with the fact he has someone as wonderful as you in his life.