10 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do In A Happy Relationship

10 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do In A Happy Relationship

10 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do In A Happy Relationship

One needs to put in a lot of effort in developing a relationship. Couples who remain happy and enjoy a blissful state of mind do certain things that most couples do not do. Apart from doing the things that are absolutely vital for a successful relationship, there are certain things they refrain from doing. More than doing things, it is important to remember what not to do. If you exercise control on yourself and steer clear of these things, you will enjoy a successful and long-lasting relationship. [ Read: How to be a Happy Couple That’s Envied by All


Here are 10 things happy couples don’t do in a happy relationship:

  1. Do not involve outsiders

You might have had numerous friends who come to you with their relationship problems and complain about their partners. Honestly, what advice can your friends and relatives possibly offer you? Every relationship goes through its share of problems but it is important not to sort out your issues amongst yourself and do not get other people involved in your problems. [ Read: 12 Things Happy Couples Talk About and Feel Closer ]

  1. Do not complain

If you have some issues with your partner, discuss those with them calmly. Do not create a ruckus by cribbing or shouting your complaints out to them. It is important to be content with the kind of situation you are in. You have chosen your partner and now, you must accept them the way they are.

  1. They do not act selfish

You should always try to be a selfless person. It becomes all the more important when you are in a relationship as you are sharing your life with someone. You must be ready to make any kind of sacrifices for your partner. There will be various situations in which you will have to give up something dear to you for your partner. [ Read: 9 Habits of Happy Couples ( They Never Talk About) ]

  1. They do not over-fantasize

People dream about various things in a relationship. They fantasize about going to foreign countries, buying a posh house and what not. While it is good to have higher goals in life, one should also look at the real picture. Set goals but make sure they are attainable. Chalk out a plan to fulfill them.

  1. They do not overspend

Couples who have just entered into a relationship tend to spend a lot of money. They plan extravagant trips and go out on lavish dates which make a big hole in their pockets. You have to be very cautious about your finances when you are inn a relationship. Sometimes, people blame each other when their budget goes awry, resulting in fights. [ Read: These HEART Touching Things will Make Every Woman HAPPY ]

  1. They do not criticize each other

People only talk about their partners’ good qualities when they fall in love but after some time, they start criticizing them by pointing out their not so impressive qualities. Nobody is perfect. Every human being is flawed in some way or the other. You must not criticize your partner and try to bring them down. Instead, take their positive traits into account and be grateful for having them in your life.

  1. They do not dominate each other

It is important to maintain equality in a relationship. One person should not dominate the other. It is a little difficult to achieve but if you share good understanding among yourself, it would be quite easy. You should not dominate your partner and at the same time, you should not let yourself get controlled by them. The relationship seems balanced when both the individuals share responsibilities equally and have equal say in things. [ Read: 5 Modern Movie Couples We Can All Learn From ]

  1. They do not have unrealistic expectations

It is but natural to have some expectations from the person whom you are in a relationship with. But, you must not expect something which would be very difficult for your partner to achieve. Most of the relationships break off when expect their partners to do unrealistic things for them. Keep your expectations in check and be happy with what you have. The lesser expectations you have, the happier you will be.

  1. They do not eat into each other’s space

While you do have a right to know what is going on in your partner’s life, you must encroach into their private space. You must allow them some privacy whenever they need it. There might be times when you want them to spend some time with you but they insist on being alone. You should not mind this and let them be. You should never try to curb your partner’s freedom. Give them the requisite freedom and they will always be close to you. [ Read: 10 Relationship Stages That All Couples Go Through ]

  1. They do not get jealous

Some people get jealous when they see their partner doing better than themselves in life.  Though they love them, they wish to have an edge over them as far as their professional achievements are concerned. They may not show it but they get upset when their partners start climbing up the ladder of success faster than they do. They wish well for their partner but cannot see them becoming more successful than them. Happy couples do not do that. They revel at their partner’s success and celebrate it.

Even if you are doing the right things in a relationship, they could easily get overshadowed by the things you should not do. Before walking on the right path, you must figure which is the route you must avoid taking. If you wish to set an example for others by being a couple brimming with joy, then you must avoid doing things that could gave an adverse effect on your relationship.