10 Things that You do Annoy Your Guy


10 Things that You do Annoy Your Guy

Your boyfriend may not be saying a single word, but did you know that there are a few things you do that can annoy your guy? It might just sound crazy or not good to your ears, however, you need to take care of certain things to stop annoying your boyfriend and save your relation. Keep reading to know these things which can annoy your guy.

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Nagging about mistakes:

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No one is perfect, and so is not your man. So, do not talk about his mistakes every time you two are spending some good time together. It will just make him angry and ruin your together time.

Not paying attention:

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If you want him to listen, then you should also take efforts to listen to him speak; and, yes, please do not take his compliments as comments. A guy, who loves you, will never say anything good unless he feels it for you.

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Remaining silent:

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No one will understand what is in your mind unless you speak, and your guy is also no genius to understand the same. So talk to him he will always listen.

Taking time to get dressed:

Girls please…he has seen the good and bad of you. So, stop taking so much time to get dressed. And yes, please do not opt to change your dress at the last minute, or when you are about to leave for somewhere.

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Complaining about his clothes:

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Stop complaining about the clothes he wears. If he is wearing the same color everyday, or if he is changing his clothes twice or not once in a single day, let it be; do not nag or complain of the same.

Being sensitive:

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No guy likes a girl who cries every time. So, stop being so sensitive about things and start living. He would love to see you happy and would do anything for your smile, but do not expect him to give shoulder, if you cry every day.

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Being possessive:

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Stop seeing his messages or call history. Every guy likes to enjoy his space or “me time”. Also, stop questioning him about each and everything in his life. There will surely be something, which he might not like sharing with you, so just leave them.

Keeping him away from his world:

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Do not keep him away from his friends, and do not get involved in each and every party of theirs. If you do not like him indulging in your girl talks, then he also does not like your participation in his guy talks.

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Texting/Calling every time:

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He might be busy and hence might not be replying; stop calling or texting him continuously. There is surely a reason, why he is not picking up your call or not replying to your text.

Complaining about your weight:

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He loves you the way you are and there is no problem if you happen to put on some weight. So, stop complaining about it every time you check the mirror.

We hope that you would stop doing these small things and that you enjoy a happy relationship with your partner.