10 Sure Signs to Tell that Your Relationship is Over

10 Sure Signs to Tell that Your Relationship is Over
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10 Sure Signs to Tell that Your Relationship is Over

It’s always difficult to know when a relationship is over but sometimes, the answer is right in front of you, you just need to point it out. As you have put in a lot of effort in building up the relationship, you find it difficult to wrap your head around the fact that it is not working out any more. You try to make yourself believe that relationship is still going strong even if the facts suggest otherwise.

Here are 10 sure signs to tell that your relationship is over:

  1. You get bored when you spend time together

You just don’t have anything more to talk about. You ‘need’ a topic or something to talk about with your partner. Most of the time you are silent and it makes you feel awkward. There are no little talks anymore, and your partner’s company just bores you to death. Days have become dull. Nothing kills so much as spending time with your so called significant other.  [ Read: 14 Subtle Signs Your Girlfriend’s Not Over Her Ex ]

  1. You don’t care enough

You care less about your partner or what they’re doing with their life. You’re only concerned with your own life, your own achievements and your own happiness. You have stopped caring about your partner. You are a bit less concerned about what they do.

  1. You don’t respect your partner

You have stopped respecting your subsequent other. You don’t admire them or think their words are not worth your time. You have started looking down at your partner and you don’t even respect his or her decisions. Earlier, you would.  [ Read: 12 Minute Signs You Are Being Manipulated By Your Lover ]

  1. You seem lost

You think you love your significant other, but you can’t stop your eyes from looking all around round the clock. Your partner fails to hold your attention for long. Your partner may be speaking to you, but you seem to be in some kind of trance. You would be staring at something anonymous and your thoughts would be someplace else. You start finding another person or two a lot more interesting and exciting than your own partner now.

  1. You get annoyed

You hate having to constantly call or text your partner to keep them updated about your life when you aren’t around them. Even if it’s just calling each other a couple of times a day, it just annoys you because you feel like you have to report to someone about where you are and what you’re doing. You can’t help but constantly pick flaws in your significant other. Every time you see them, or every time they do something, they just seem to be riddled with flaws and imperfections. You try not to hate the things your partner does, but even the smallest things they do piss you off to no end. [ Read: 12 Real Warning Signs Why Couples Drift Apart Over Time?a ]

  1. You think about breaking up

You can’t see a future together anymore or there are no talks about the future between the both of you. And your partner no longer plays a pivot role in your big scheme of things. If there are any thoughts on the future, the last person you think of is your significant other. You’re happier alone than with your partner. Breaking up crosses your mind, every time an argument or something of this sort happens. You fantasize about your life without your partner.

  1. Don’t miss your partner anymore

You don’t ever miss your partner when they aren’t around. In fact, just spending some away time from each other gives you that moment of happiness you’ve been longing for. You crave for space and privacy.  [ Read: 10 Ways To Get Over A Girl You Love ]

  1. Emotional connection with your partner is dissolving

The emotional attachment between you and your significant other seems to be dissolving. You’re indifferent to your partner’s feelings and thoughts. You may pretend to care about your boyfriend or girlfriend, but deep inside, you know you don’t really give a damn about what your partner is feeling or what they’re up to. You love your partner, but you don’t want to involve yourself so deep that you have to play a part in making them feel better about themselves.

  1. Comparing with others

You start comparing your partner to all the other guys or girls that you fancy, and you always feel like you’ve got the shorter end of the stick. All your friends seem to have better and more understanding partners than you. And that irritates you more. Your partner just looks like an idiot to you.  [ Read: 6 Ways To Help Your Friend Overcome A Break Up ]

  1. Moments of silence

Earlier if anything happened you would talk to each other, understand each other’s point of view and try to solve it. But now you just ignore each other and take moments of silence. You just sit around and wait the situation to pass by.

Recognizing these signs in your relationship is not difficult at all. The difficult part is what to do about it. If you just don’t want to let go your partner you could still try and figure out ways to straighten up your relationship or else it’s better to end it. Do not ignore the signs. If you feel that the relationship is not working out, then you must move on rather than stretching it unnecessarily. Talking your partner about it could be difficult but it is better to be upfront about it than hurting your partner in the long run.