10 Sure Reasons Why a Guy Could Be Ignoring You!

10 Sure Reasons Why a Guy Could Be Ignoring You!
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10 Sure Reasons Why a Guy Could Be Ignoring You!

Being in love or having a crush on a guy who ignores you is the worst feeling ever. You feel terrible but what really bothers you is why he is ignoring you. You think about the various possible reasons as to why he could be ignoring you. You feel like blaming yourself and sometimes you curse that guy too. You will most likely not find peace before you find the reason behind the guy treating you like you do not exist.

Here are 10 reasons why a guy could be ignoring you:

  1. Compatibility issues

He feels that you both are not compatible enough. You both have different preferences and choices which makes it difficult for both of you to talk about anything which you both share a common interest in. While he prefers listening to Mozart and Beethoven, you groove to the beats of electronic dance music. He savours Chinese delicacies but your favourite cuisine is Italian. The differences are far too many to count and you guys cannot seem to agree on anything. [ Read: 16 Signs You Are Settling In an Unhappy Relationship ]

  1. Commitment issues

He has commitment issues. While he has tried his best to work on those issues, he can’t seem to stop being commitment phobic. You have discussed your future and marriage but he refuses to talk about them. He gets attracted by other women and you do not hold him attention anymore. Now, he has realized that if he can’t commit wholeheartedly to the relationship, it would be better to move out of it.

  1. He needs space

He feels you are intruding into his personal space and he is not able to make any time for herself. You always ask him to spend time with you but he is someone who prefers spending some time alone as well. He needs some space which he feels you have robbed of him. He does not want to spend time with you anymore as he feels you are clinging to him all the time and encroaching on his personal space. [ Read: 16 Common Relationship Advice that Holds the Power to Ruin Your Love Life! ]

  1. Too practical

While you live in a fairy-tale and believe in eternal love, he is too practical person to see the world with rose tinted glasses. He has seen a fair bit of life and realizes there are certain things which are more important than love and relationships. He feels you are taking him away from his goals.

  1. Expectations

He had some gigantic expectations from you which you failed to live up to. He is feeling disappointed as you are not the kind of girl he has envisioned. He may not have talked about his expectations from you or the relationship but he had, in his mind, set certain expectations which you were not able to fulfil.  [ Read: 15 Signs that Proves You to be a High Maintenance Woman! ]

6.Other commitments

Apart from the relationship, he has several other commitments that need his attention. He can’t let go of them or put them on the backburner because of you. Clearly, you don’t figure in his priority list. The other responsibilities he has are more important to him than the relationship. He is willing to let go of you so that he can focus on fulfilling those commitments.

  1. Loyalty

He is not being able to remain loyal to you. Although he loves you, he fails to stay away from temptations and ends up cheating on you. He is feeling guilty and does not want to confront you. He feels staying away from you and according to him avoiding you would be the best thing for the both of you.  [ Read: 13 Little Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Special ]

  1. He is selfish

He is a selfish guy and does not care about anybody except for himself. He is driven by selfish motives and cannot think about anybody’s happiness and wellbeing except for his own. He does not care if you get hurt by his cold behavior. He never had any regard for your love and always took you for granted. Now, he feels he cannot put up with you any longer and decides to ignore you.

  1. You are too nice

The fact that you are too nice a person can land you in trouble at times. If you treat him with all the love and respect in the world and does not point out his shortcomings, we can start taking you for granted and treat you any way he wants to. He would never take you seriously and leave you whenever he feels like.  [ Read: 13 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do and How to Avoid Them ]

  1. He has lost interest

There was a time when he used to find you fascinating and was mesmerized by your charm. Those days are long gone. Today, he finds you to be boring. He realizes he had wrong notions about you and you are not as fun as he thought you would be. He has met people whom he finds to be much more interesting than you. He does not feel the need to stay in touch with you anymore.

Do not blame yourself if you find the guy ignoring. Do not feel like a victim. Yes, if you feel there are certain things that you need to change about yourself, work on them. But, always have faith in yourself and know that there are a lot of guys out there who would be interested in you. Try to talk to the guy and figure out why he is ignoring you. If you feel that things are not going to work out, move on and find someone else.