10 Stages To Get A Someone Out Of Your Mind

10 Stages To Get A Someone Out Of Your Mind

10 Stages To Get A Someone Out Of Your Mind

Someone still lingering on your mind? You have a crush on someone but you know that you will never have them in your life. It is not about being pessimistic but being realistic. You must try your best to win their heart but even after trying and waiting for long, they remain undeterred and unimpressed by you, you know that it is time to move on. You could also be a victim of a break up wherein you had to deal with the failure of a relationship. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. It is relatively easy to tell yourself that it is not going to happen but difficult to forget that person completely. [ Read: How to Get Over a Boyfriend You Can’t Forget ]

Here are 10 stages to get a certain someone out of your mind:

  1. Do not talk about it

When we are going through a bad phase in our life, we tend to discuss it with our loved ones. We feel that sharing or pain with them would help us feel better. The thing is that the more you talk about it, the more difficult it will be for you to forget it. Talking about your heartbreak to someone may make you feel better for some time but it would not do much good. Do not seek sympathy. Stop talking about it.  [ Read: 8 Perfect Ways to Mend a Broken Heart ]

  1. Accept it

A lot of people, after a heartbreak, prefer being in denial and do not accept that the fact that things are not going to work out.  They know it but they remain in some sort of a delusion which stops them from accepting the truth. Truth can be harsh at times but we need to accept it and deal with it. Accepting the truth will give you peace of mind.

  1. Bury the past

Some people like to get into an introspective mode; they keep thinking about the past and try to find out as to where do things go wrong in their relationship. They think of various ways in which they could have saved their relationship and curse themselves for not taking those measures. The past cannot be undone and it is better to leave it behind. [ Read: How Do I Get Over A Broken Heart? ]

  1. Forgive them

If you think they wronged you in some way, you are bond to have some bitterness and resentment towards them. They might have some cruel things to you but you must forgive them.  Unless you forgive them, it would not be possible for you to forget them as you would always have a grudge against them in your heart.

  1. Don’t be sad

It is important to be happy in tying times. When you are nursing a broken heart, you can get terribly depressed about it and would find yourself sinking deeper into the sad space of mind. This could lead you towards dangerous things.  Hence, you must not let yourself slip yourself into depression and do things that make you happy. [ Read: 7 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart ]

  1. Engage yourself

Keep yourself busy with work or some activity that interests you. You must not let your brain remain idle. An idle state of mind gives rise to negative thoughts which you should steer clear of at this point. Even if you have do not have any work, generate some. Engage yourself with tons of work so that you do not get any free time to think about the incident.

  1. Do not stay in touch

Even after we know we cannot have someone in our life, we fail to stop yourself from meeting hem or contacting them through different mediums. Even as it may seem to be an extreme step, we must dissociate ourselves and sever all ties with that person. Delete their number from your phone-book and stay miles away from their home. [ Read: 5 Reasons Why Promises are NOT Meant to be Broken ]

  1. Socialize

Do not cut yourself from the outside world and drown yourself in sorrow. Go out with your friends and live your life the way you used to. Be grateful for what you have and enjoy every because of a mishap.

  1. Think positive

What happened to you may seem like a very bad thing at the moment but if you look at in another way, you would realize it was a blessing in disguise. If you would have taken forward a relationship with a person you have no connect with, it would have resulted in a disaster. It was never meant to work in the first place. You should be glad that you got to know about it sooner than later. [ Read: What am I Supposed to do with a Broken Heart? ]

  1. Be open

Do not shut yourself and seek love again.  Things might not have worked for you the last time but you could get lucky the next time around. One bad experience should not change your notion about love. Heartbreaks happen but there could be something good for you in the future.  You must not get dissuaded and look forward to the future which could several opportunities.

Change is the only constant in life. We like to hold o to people, who are dear to us, forever but relationships do not come with a guarantee. The person whom you love with all your heart might not reciprocate your feelings or someone you whom you were in a relationship for a long time might move away from you. These things happen and nobody can predict the outcome of falling in love with someone or being in a relationship. Getting over someone takes time but if you are willing to move forward, you will get over this phase soon enough.