10 Signs You Need to Back Off when Pursuing a Girl

10 Signs You Need to Back Off when Pursuing a Girl

Everybody would like to have the girl of their dreams in life. They would do everything to make it possible accompanied by a hope that the dream would come true. You try to do a lot of things in order to pursue the girl of your dreams but at the end of the day you are surrounded by the clouds of confusion. It becomes very difficult to digest the fact that it is time to back off. But how do you come to know as to when you need to do so?

10 Signs You Need tTo Back Off when Pursuing a Girl

The following are the clear signs that indicate that you need to back off from pursuing that girl.

  1. Not of your type:

It is very necessary to note that whether you both are compatible to each other or not. Also it is important to know that how well you can understand each other. If you find that she is totally different from what you are expecting then it would be simply wastage of time to keep adjusting and making up your mind. Don’t dwell in imaginary; world. Just accept the truth that she is not a perfect match for you and hence you need to move on. [ Read: Simple Expectations of A Girlfriend From Her Boyfriend


  1. No value for emotions:

If she doesn’t understand your emotions, no matter how many ways you try to express them then it is clear that she is not going to meet your expectations at all. Do be aware of, if she is making fun of your feelings. You might be dedicated to get her in your life but on her part she is just enjoying your innocence. Do be strong and back off. [ Read: Tips To Know That The #Girl You Like Is Making A Fool Out Of You ]

  1. Unable to overcome:

Sometimes the impact of the previous relations remains so strong that it is very difficult to come out of it. But to move on in life you need to get out of and concentrate on your present. If you are unable to do so then you cannot be committed again whole heartedly to any other relationship. If the girl you are after is still under the influence of the previous relationships, and is never letting the past to go, then probably she is not suitable for you. Even if you get her, you would not be able to control her heart and feelings. This is not good for you. [ Read: 6 Things To Know Before Moving On To A New Relationship ]

  1. Doesn’t agree to anything:

You need to observe the way she makes her decisions or how she reacts to whatever you suggest. If she tends to go opposite of what you say most of the time, then it may be possible that you would have to lead a life full of arguments. There would always be a sort of cognitive dissonance in your mind. So it’s better to make distance at an earlier stage. [ Read: 7 Best Ways To Easily Impress Girls ]

  1. Not willing to share:

To be an introvert is not a problem but to hide the important things and never let them come to you can be problematic. This shows that she is not able to trust you, which is a very negative sign while building up a relationship. If you are not able to be a dependable person even though you have tried your best then it is better for you to back off. [ Read: True Signs That You Are Commitment Phobic ]

  1. Doesn’t pay attention:

Have you always caught her doing something on her mobile or any other gadget, while you are talking to her? Does she give a less priority to what you say? If your answer is yes, then be assured that she is not at all concerned about your feelings. She is not the appropriate one for you. [ Read: 25 Things Guys Do That Girls Actually Love and Hate ]

  1. Always busy for you:

Try to call her and she would say that she is busy. Even if she agrees to call back when she is free, she would never do. You might be waiting eagerly for her but she is not going to respond until and unless you remind her of the promise that she had made. Always remember that nobody is actually busy, it is just a matter of priority and you don’t come in the list of the important persons in her life. Hard to digest but it is the truth. [ Read: The Only 7 Tests Of True Love For Him And Her ]

  1. Makes you spend a lot:

If she is interested on you only if you are going to give a party or willing to take her shopping then it is better to stay away from her as much as possible. She is spending her time not because she loves you, but to utilize and extract out everything that you have. This is a very dangerous sign of all. You are not only going to be heartbroken but also a bankrupt. [ Read: Cute Little Things Guys Do That Girls LOVE So Much… ]

  1. Not interested:

Tell her you had a major problem and she would not react the way you desire for. She would not even inquire anything related to the problem. This proves that she is not at all interested in your life and is not going to be a part of it in the coming future. [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Flirting Tips Every Guy Needs To Have In His Mind! ]

  1. Denies you straightaway:

If you get to hear a lot of denials then probably it is better to back off from her. When she says ‘no’ then she actually means ‘no’. Don’t be optimistic in this case and still wait with hope. Her decision is not going to change at all. [ Read: 12 Romantic Things To Do With Your Girlfriend When You Don’t Have Money ]

The above signs may dishearten you and make you realize that you are wasting your time but that is the reality and you need to face it.

After reading this did you realize too that it is time to back off? Let us know.