10 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping

10 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping
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10 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping

Are you dating a girl and confused whether she is worth keep or no?

Sometimes it becomes really difficult for a guy to know if he is dating the right girl or no. Guys need their own space, their own time with their guy friends even after being in a relationship. They want a girl in their life who can understand them and support them with everything rather than interfering in their life, pin pointing them for their mistakes. This is the reason why many guys are scared of being committed. [ Read: 11 Unique Traits that Make a Person Trustworthy ]

So for men who are yet to decide whether their girlfriend is right for them or no, here is a list of signs to know if she is really worth keeping or no.

  1. She helps you in everything

Your girlfriend motivates you in all your work. She encourages you for whatever you are doing for your growth, for the help you offer towards your family, to get the best out of your potential. She reminds you and helps you in taking care of your expenses so motivates you to stay focused in your life ambitions. But, do not take her wrong by thinking that she is interfering or nagging in your life. [ Read:10 Signs You Are Dating A Girl Worth Keeping ]

  1. She gives you enough space

A lot of women are not able to understand the importance of giving space to her boyfriend. They want to be with you and around you all the time. But a girl worth keeping will respect your feelings by giving you own time, by giving you your guy time. She will understand the importance of giving you time for your hobbies, games, music and work most importantly. She will know when to back off at times when you are stressed out or busy at work.

  1. She’s secured

A girl worth keeping will know that she is confident, beautiful and smart. She will not rely on you for knowing these things, though she knows how to make you compliment her. She will be so sure of things that jealously will not take place between you two even when you talk to other girls in front of her or behind her back. [ Read: Love Is Always Worth A Try And Here Are The Reasons Why ]

  1. You can talk to her freely

Without having the fear of being judged, you can talk to her about anything. She will listen to you and also give you some good opinion or even a solution to your problems. You can have a real conversation with her because you know she is ready to listen to know to everything you have to say even if it is something that you are ashamed of, or something that no one else should know.

  1. She takes care of you

Girls are nurturing and she will show it to you that she likes taking care of you. She will make sure that you are keeping well. She will take care of what you eat should be healthy, how you dress up should be best for you. She will also take care of things like your physical health, whether you are getting enough sleep, how to make sure that you are not over loaded with work and stress.  She will make sure that you are in you in your best of health. [ Read: 11 Not-So-Obvious Things Your Guy Loves About You ]

  1. She will make you laugh

She will always try and do things that will make you laugh. She may become a small child, or quote funny statements, act like a comedian or whatever it may take just to bring a smile on your face. Finding someone who has a good sense of humor that matches with yours, isn’t easy. A woman who can make you laugh is definitely worth keeping because who feel refreshed and young when you laugh.

  1. She is trying to bond with your family

A very good sign of a girl who is worth keeping is that she is trying to have conversations with your family and friends. She is trying to know them, trying to gel up with them. When you are not around, she is comfortable with others and have a healthy conversation. [ Read: Best Quotes On Family Relations For Better Bonding ]

  1. She can captivate you

At times when you think that you know your girlfriend inside out because who have been in a relationship for too long now, she still has something new to show you at attracts you all the more towards her and keeps you interested.

  1. She can take care of herself too

She is not dependent on you for her work. She knows how to take care of her things, how to manage work, family, relationships and keep a balance between them. She will do things on her own without asking help unless she is badly stuck up with something. She will ask for your help only when it becomes very important and also appreciate you for giving her a hand. [ Read: 7 Reasons why family rules are important ]

  1. She is carrying on the relationship well

She is making continuous efforts to keep up the relationship and nurture it. At times when you have a fight, she doesn’t bring her ego in between. She tries to make up to you even when it was not her fault and tries to fix all the problems that come between you two by making sacrifices as well.

A girl who is doing all these things for you and your relationship is definitely worth keeping. Don’t let her go because of some misunderstanding between you two or your ego. And on the other hand, make sure you also try to understand her and be that kind of a man she always wished for and feel lucky to have you in her life.