10 Signs That You are Lovesick and Ways to Get Out of it

10 Signs That You are Lovesick and Ways to Get Out of it

Heartbreaks – an illness we all suffer more than once in our life! Surely, falling in love makes you feel on top of this world, but the second your heart breaks you fall into the deepest trench in the ocean! That drop is called ‘love sickness.’ The love sick disease means being without the person you love, be it a failed relationship or wanting someone you can’t have or a yearning to be in a relationship. To cure this disease, you need to admit that you’ve been attacked by love-sickness; that’s when half-your battle is won!

10 Signs That You Are Lovesick And Ways To Get Out Of It

Read on to know the signs and symptoms of love-sickness and some ways to overcome it…

  1. Physical weakness

You’ll feel that all the energy from your body is drained out! You limbs will feel weak, body will pain and even your voice will become shaky! In short, you have actually fallen sick!  [ Read: 7 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart 


Cure: Eat Well

Your mind is so disturbed that you won’t feel like eating or taking up any activity except lying on the couch all day long, chewing some greasy pizza and watching rom-com movies. Get rid of the fatty, unhealthy stuff and eat a nutritious diet which will refresh your mind and give you some energy!

  1. Terrible mood swings

Your mood swings will hit the high in this state – you will think about the worst case scenario one minute and move in the opposite direction hoping that your relationship will become perfect the next. There is no control on your moods!

Cure: Become a social butterfly

Put on that pretty red dress and go out with your girlfriends! You aren’t going to achieve anything by sulking in your apartment so might as well get in touch will all your lost friends. Meeting new people will lift your spirits and your wound will be healed without you even realising it, because you were too busy having fun!

  1. Feasting on Junk

In an attempt to attain some happiness, you may get yourself a stuffed cheese pizza or boxes of noodles or the greasiest burgers in town! Little do you realize that this is going to give you mere short-term happiness and long-term health issues.  [ Read: ONCE THERE WAS A BOND…BROKEN BY LOVE ]

Cure: Channel your Emotions

Decide to channel your emotions into something productive because you need to express your feelings. Start writing a diary or compose poems, but those feelings need to come out for your love sickness to heal.

  1. Over-analyses

Reliving the break-up moment, thinking about all your moves that day, playing the entire conversation… Not only that, you will start thinking about the parties you attended together, trying you remember if there or signs of a break-up from or any signs of another love interest.

Cure: Occupy yourself

Take up that art class you’ve been thinking about for weeks, work on a new project in office or start visiting your nieces more often – whatever it is just keep yourself busy! The idler you are, the more your mind will be filled with negative thoughts and the longer it will take to heal.

  1. Stalking

You will watch your partner’s every move on all social media websites and talk to all common friends to know what he/she is up to! This is very unhealthy behavior and also a very strong sign of love-sickness.

Cure: Discard all memories

There is no point in holding onto to old memories; it is only going to add to the pain! So pick up all the gifts and articles that remind you of your ex, dump them in a box and throw that box away! Getting rid of everything that reminds you of him/her is one of the best cures!  [ Read: Beauty of the Broken ]

  1. Sleepless nights

The heartbreak will literally give you sleepless nights! The minute you lay down in bed, the thoughts of your ex-partner will start swirling in your mind and you will end up tossing and turning under your blanket.

Cure: Enroll for Yoga classes

Challenge your body with some yoga and meditation which l calm your senses and keep you occupied for an hour in the day. Yoga will clear your head and keep you fit at the same time.

  1. Confusion

You will constantly be distracted and it will show in all your moves. You will become absent-minded, your actions will be clumsy and you won’t know what exactly to do. You may look like a zombie walking around because you are confused about what went wrong with him/her.

Cure: Accept that Wounds Heal Over Time

Heartbreaks are tough to deal with and you have to accept that things won’t heal overnight! So be patient and deal with the wounds.  [ Read: Words of a Broken Heart ]

  1. Drop in self-esteem

The rejection will start affecting your confidence. During all your “over analyses” you may start holding yourself responsible for the failures, hurting your self-esteem in the process. Since your life-style is affected by love-sickness, you will be performing badly at work, losing touch with friends- all contributing to the sadness!

Cure: Take a trip

Is there one city or a country you’ve always wanted to visit since childhood? What better time to fulfill that desire! Plan a solo trip or one with friends and live your life to the fullest! Post that trip you won’t even bother about that person you were grieving about because you’ve experienced something so much better!

  1. Addicted to night clubs

To escape the sadness and depression you will try to get small joys dancing with unknown people in clubs and downing a few shots. In no time this will become your habit and without realization you will be addicted to loud music and alcohol flowing in clubs around town.

Cure: Stop Dating

You can take a break from dating! Every step you take need not be about winning a partner. Take some time off, focus on your career and yourself and enjoy the ‘me-time.’  [ Read: 5 Reasons Why Promises Are Not Meant To Be Broken ]

  1. Hopeless Day Dreaming

The heart never gives up on love and you will experience that during lovesickness! You will build castles in the air and dream about how life will be when you and your partner get back. Snap back to reality, honey, because you don’t live in fantasy land.

Cure: Ask for Closure

If your partner’s actions are killing you from within, ask for closure! If it is a break up, face the problem, and if it is someone you’ve been longing to be with just go ahead and ask him/her out! In either case you have nothing to lose! In fact, you will be satisfied with the answers you’ve received and will move on peacefully! [ Read: What am I supposed to do with A Broken heart? ]

Like any illness, love sickness will also heal! It is not a permanent scar so hold your horses and stay mentally strong because love comes in all shapes and sizes!