10 Signs that He Is The One

10 Signs that He Is The One

You are dating a guy and you start wondering if he is the one you want to spend your entire life with. There are signs which will surely help you make sure that he is the one for you.

10 Signs that He Is The One

Here are some signs that could help you decide.

  1. Compatibility with you

He shares the same qualities as you and both of you are on the same page as far as your outlook towards life goes. Opposites attract. But, when we are looking for a person to spend our life with, we look for similarities. The more similar he is, the more compatible you both are as a couple. Differences lead to arguments and fights. It would difficult to share your life with someone who does not agree to your views. [ Check out: Most Essential Qualities of a Real Man Worth Dating


  1. He accepts you the way you are

No matter how many things two people have in common, they are different individuals and are bound to have some attributes or values different from each other. If you love somebody, you should accept him the way he is. Likewise, he should accept you the way you are and should not make any effort to bring about a change in you. If he loves you even when you got that awful haircut, then you know he will always love you no matter what.

  1. He has a stable future

It is important to live in the present and enjoy every moment as it comes but it is also important to plan your future. He should be clear about his future plans and know where he is heading. Right from his career to investments, he should have a firm grip on everything. You can think of building a future with a future with a person who is confident of a stable, secure life ahead.

  1. He treats your friends as his own

You introduce him to your friends and now, they are his friends as well. Now, He knows each of your friends and stays in touch with them. He invites all of them to his place and throws parties for them. He does not entertain them just because they are your friends; they are part of his group now.

  1. He enjoys watching chick flicks

He loves watching chick flicks as much as you do. Um, okay. Probably not as much as you do but he never refuses to watch one with you. He discusses the movie after it gets over and you both talk about it for some time. What’s more, he gifts you the DVDs of all your favorite movies. [ Also read: 9 Dramatic and Weird Things We do Post Break-Up ]

  1. He inquires about your family

He asks you about your family and even talks to your parents sometimes. He is as concerned about your family as he is about you. He even looks after their needs and asks you if there is something he could do for any if your family members.

  1. He trusts you implicitly

He trusts you and you know that. He never asks you about your whereabouts and never says things that reek of suspicion. He never questions you about anything that you do. He does give his feedback on important decisions but lets you take the final call.

  1. You feel happy when he is around

There is never a dull moment when he is around. He keeps you happy all the time and pulls you out of your darkest moods. Even when he is upset about something, he camouflages it under his smile so that you don’t get upset thinking about it.

  1. He is a responsible man

He never blames other for his mistakes. He owns up to his faults and accepts his mistakes gracefully. He is always in loop as to what’s happening around him. He handles everything with a lot of ease and is always patient. He never shields away from responsibilities and is always willing to do anything that you ask him to.

  1. He is madly in love with you

The most important sign, of course, that he loves you unconditionally. Your wish is his command and he will go to any length to make you happy. He puts your happiness above everything and would sacrifice anything for it. Nobody and nothing, in the world, is more important to him than you. [ Read here: Just Another Love Story – Based on Real Life Experience ]

Are you in love with a person who possesses all these qualities? If yes, then you have found your man. Do let us know you views in comment and share it with someone who will find this beneficial.