10 Revealing Signs That You Slept With Him Too Soon

10 Revealing Signs That You Slept With Him Too Soon

So, you are here for some revealing signs to figure out if you have slept with him too soon? Physical intimacy is bound to kick in at some point in a relationship . It is natural for two people, who are in a relationship, to get physically close to each other. With time, people move to the final stage of physical intimacy which involves sleeping with each other. There is nothing wrong with having sexual intercourse with your partner. However, the timing should be right. Girls tend to be more careful than guys when it comes to getting physically intimate, and rightfully so. You should make sure that the guy you are dating is serious about you so that you do not regret the fact that you slept with him. There are several things you have to keep in mind before you agree to do this.

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10 Revealing Signs That You Slept With Him Too Soon-likelovequotes

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Here are 10 revealing signs that you slept with him too soon:

  1. He does not take your calls

After your sexual encounter, he does not seem to be responding to your calls. The guy who used to call you several times a day and look out for you now refuses to take your calls. He does not reply to your text message and does not acknowledge you emails. This means his feelings were far from being real and his intention was only to sleep with you.

  1. You feel guilty

While there is nothing to be ashamed about having sex with your partner, you could feel a tinge of guilt if you are not ready for it. If you think that it is not the right time to take the plunge then don’t do it. What you are going to do requires a bit of maturity and some confidence which you attain only after a certain age. If you do not think yourself to be ready for it, stay away from it.

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  1. He is losing interest

If he is too eager to sleep with you and you say yes to him, he would be very happy at first but after he is done he could begin to lose interest in you. Sometimes, it is important not to give guys what they want too soon. You should make him wait for it and crave for it. There should be a substantial gap between your first and second intercourse so that he does not take you for granted.

  1. He does not commit

Every girl wants her boyfriend to be committed to her.  If your partner is not ready to commit as yet, then you should stay away from having sexual intercourse with him. You cannot trust a guy who is not ready to commit to you. Even if things are going fairly smoothly between the two of you, you should not give your consent to have sex with him unless he commits to you.

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  1. Know him better

You are getting to know him and taking a liking to him. But, there are still a lot of things that you would like to know about him. So, do not rush yourself and take your own time to understand him properly. Know all that you want to know about him and only after you think you know him well enough to trust him with your life, you could give your consent.

  1. Not sure about him

Even when we are in a relationship with a person, we remain doubtful about whether we would like to spend our entire life with them. If you are going through such a crisis then you must know that it is absolutely alright to go through this confusion. But, if you are in two minds about your guy, then you should refrain from taking things ahead and doing anything that you would regret later.

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  1. You are not comfortable

In life we often make compromises and do things that are out of our comfort zone, but this is something you should do only when you are absolutely okay with the idea of doing it. You should be fully aware of what you are getting into and should weigh all the pros and cons carefully. Do it only if you are comfortable with it.

  1. You are being pressurized

Pressure can make people do things that make them repent and regret later. The irony is that you know what you are getting into will lead you towards trouble and yet you do it because of some pressure. Now, this pressure could be external or internal. If your boyfriend is forcing you into it, then he is pressuring you. Internal pressure refers to the force you exert on yourself because you feel obligated towards your partner.

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  1. You regret it

There are several reasons as to why you could regret having slept with him.  Whatever the reason be, the fact remains that you regret doing it. You must never do anything that leaves a sense of regret in you. If you lament at the fact that you got into this, then it was not right time for you to do this. After some introspection, you would know the reason why you regret sleeping with him.

  1. You were not being ready

Whether you are ready to take the relationship to the next level is something that can be best answered by you. If you slept with him even when you were not ready for it, then you rushed yourself into it. You should have waited for a while and then got into it.

Love is a beautiful emotion which grows as you spend more time with your partner. Getting intimate with your partner is an eventual inevitability, but it must be carefully thought about. If you think it is too soon, convey the same to your partner.