10 Relationship Deal Breakers to Watch Out For!

10 Relationship Deal Breakers to Watch out For!

Have you been in a bad relationship! Of course! Yes, that was a rhetorical question. We’ve all been there, done that – a cheating girlfriend, a boyfriend who lives off your money or someone too selfish to care about you. You may feel like you’ve found your Prince Charming or the women of your dreams, yet in that awe, there are certain loopholes you tend to overlook. So what are the signs you should watch out for?

10 Relationship Deal Breakers to Watch Out For

Take a look at some deal breakers in a relationship…

  1. Rude Behavior

A person who doesn’t treat his peers and surroundings with respect will not have respect for you. So if you go out dinner and observe that your partner is rude to your waiter, it is a strong sign that you should walk out of this ASAP. [ Read : 5 Ways To Deal With A Rude Boyfriend 


  1. Incompatibility with the Friends

It is one thing to do your own thing instead of hanging out with your partner’s friend, but it is another when you feel uncomfortable around them and are avoiding them. After a few meetings, you may realize that your wavelength doesn’t match the people you are sitting with and soon you will start being awkward with the idea of meeting them. After all, friends are a reflection of your partner himself and if you are incapable of baring them, the same will apply with your partner as well.

  1. This Relationship is Your Only Relationship

Many people become massive attention seekers once they are in a relationship which is a normal scenario. But, if your partner gets jealous and insecure about your relationship with others then you have a problem! You’ll notice that he/she tends crib and complain if you are spending time with your family or friends and tends to take away that time from the people you love and care about. In short he tries to isolate you. Walk away from this sort of behaviour because it leads to an unhealthy path and nothing else. [ Read: 16 Reasons Why My Love Is Only For You ]

  1. Unwilling to compromise

Compromise is the second name of Relationship. Whatever the matter, whenever the time, however the circumstances; everybody has to modify lifestyles and make changes if he wishes to form a bond for life. So if your partner is not warm towards your likes and dislikes, take the cue. He may sulk when you plan a Chinese dinner as he’s thinking about Mexican Tacos and in the end if you’ll don’t end up with a plate full of fried rice and noodles, you’ll know he cannot compromise for you. This will sound like a petty example, but read the signs from the beginning, honey!

  1. One-sided conversations

Do you hear only your voice 24×7 with just some monosyllable responses on and off? There are chances that your partner is not the talkative kinds, but if you cannot hold a conversation for more than 10 minutes, think about what will happen if you have to spend your lifetime with this person? [ Read: 11 Things that Mean More to Men Than “I Love You” ]

  1. Inconsiderate behavior

You’ve had a long day at work and your partner forces you to attend a friend’s house party at the other of town, he/she is being quite unreasonable and insensitive! Obviously that party and having fun is more important to him than your comfort and well being. Beware of these signs of selfishness because the situation is not going to change, needless to say improve.

  1. Touchy about Privacy

Relationships breathe in the polluted air of infidelity these days! Everyone is suspicious and everyone is frightened by the word, “cheating.” If you notice that your partner is very uptight about his whereabouts, his social media accounts and his phone, tread carefully. He/she may be hiding something or someone. [ Read: Reasons Why – Say I Love You and Show It ]

  1. Constant Critique

It’s good to have someone to help you reflect upon yourself, but if that help becomes a regular exercise and all you hear is embarrassing moments of yourself from your partner, he is not someone who will guide you! A partner should help you expand your horizons and push you to achieve greater heights. However, if that encouragement pushes the wrong cords, you will start hating yourself! So just don’t allow the shadow of such negativity to fall upon you.

  1. Forgets You in Public

You and your partner enjoy going out with groups of friends or other couples which is sign of a healthy relationship. But, if you notice that your partner is neglecting you on these outings and forgets that you are even present there, take the hint – you are not his priority! He/she clearly thinks that other people are more fun and interesting. [ Read: Biggest Turn-Offs for Women That All Men Should Know About ]

  1. Fights = Abuses

The thumb rule of any relationship is mutual trust and respect, whereas abusing is the first and foremost sign of an unhealthy bond. More often than not, the reason behind each failing relationship is name calling and humiliation. Fighting and arguing is essential, but if these fights end up being a rowdy fiasco, you are not receiving any respect and gratitude, so please let her/him go!

Your partner is meant to be that cooling element in your life bringing in not only joy, but also stability. More than love seek a solid rock which will give you the strength to fight all battles in life; and if you feel your current partner is not reciprocating this desire, take a step back because there are plenty of fish in the sea!