10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Sleeping With Him

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Sleeping With Him

Why you should stop sleeping with him? It is perfectly normal if you are socially active and share an intimate relationship with your partner. In today’s times, not too many people have an objection to couples having premarital sex. Times are changing and people are becoming progressive. This is a good thing, but you should never do anything just for the sake of being progressive. The only thing that should propel you to do something is your will. You should get into a sexual relationship with your partner only when you want to.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Sleeping With Him -likelovequotes

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Here are 10 reasons why you should stop sleeping with him:

  1. You are not into him

It all started with a fling and has now outlived itself. Both of you were never serious about each other and wanted to keep things casual. You made it clear to him that you are not looking for commitment or a long term relationship. Now, he seems to have gotten serious about you and you do not want to break his heart by telling him that you still consider it to be a casual affair.

  1. You are not comfortable

While cuddling is fine, you are not comfortable with sleeping with him. You did it with him a couple of times and did not derive any joy out of it. There is nothing wrong with him but you are not comfortable doing this, at least for now. You find it difficult to discuss this with him but if you are not okay with having a sexual relationship at the moment, you should let him know about it.

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  1. You are not ready

You were never ready to get into this the first place but due to some reason, agreed to do this.  You regret your decision as you are not mentally and physically ready to carry yourself through this. You should refrain from having a sexual relationship with someone unless you feel you are ready for it.  You have already made a mistake by doing it a couple of times even when you were not ready for it. Now is the time to put a stop to this.

  1. You do not know him

You might have spent a few weeks or months with him but you do not think that you know him well enough. If that is the case, then you should stop sleeping with him and take some time to understand him properly. He might be a nice guy but you should never get into a very intimate relationship with someone whom you do not know well enough.

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  1. You do not trust him

Do not put yourself in a dangerous situation by sleeping with a man you do not trust. There must be something that got you attracted to him. You like him and trust him to a certain extent, but for some reason you cannot bring yourself to trust him completely. If you know the reason behind you not trusting him, you need to do something to find out whether he is a trustworthy person or not.

  1. You want some time

You love him and have no issues with getting into a sexual relationship with him. But, you want some time. You think it would be a little early to get into this at the moment. You should not be reserved and talk to him about this. There need not be any solid reason behind your reservations. Sometimes, we are not ready to certain things at a point of time. You will be ready someday. But, till then he has to wait.

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  1. Not interested in premarital sex

There is nothing wrong about having premarital sex but if you are slightly conservative in your outlook and believe in doing it after marriage, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You must let your partner know about it. They know the kind of person you are and will respect your decision. Your partner and you might share different viewpoints on these things, but there is nothing wrong about it.

  1. You are not well informed

Before getting into a sexual relationship, you must try to get all the information about it that you can.  People mostly refrain from talking about sex and hence, it becomes difficult to find someone whom you can talk to about it. You could visit a consultant or someone who could help you get some good information about it. They would not ask the reason behind you asking questions and would willingly clear your doubts.

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  1. You are nervous

Doing something for the first time could make a lot of people nervous but if tensions are at an all-time high, then it is better you stop doing it for some time. There could be various reasons as to why you are feeling nervous. Wait for some time. Once you start feeling a little confident, you could go ahead with it.

  1. Do not want to do it

If you ever feel to stop stop sleeping with him, stop! You do not want to do it. Plain and simple. You do not have to offer any explanation for this. Remember, this is a huge step and you have all the right to say a no. You should not get pressurized and end up doing something that you do not want to do.

Getting intimate with your partner is an integral part of a relationship but it is not the most important aspect of it. If you are not comfortable with having a sexual relationship with your partner, then you should let your partner know about it and stop stop sleeping with them.