10 Reasons Gorgeous Girls Fall For the Douchebags

10 Reasons Gorgeous Girls Fall For the Douchebags
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10 Reasons Gorgeous Girls Fall for the Douchebags

You must have heard a lot of people saying that girls like bad boys. You have often girls dating guys who do not have an ounce of respect for them.  You feel baffled as you see a warm and sweet girl going out with a guy with a very bad attitude. Such guys are called douche bags. Such guys have no regard for their partners and yet they get the prettiest and nicest girls to date.  [ Read: Good vs. Bad – What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like? ]

Here are a few reasons why gorgeous girls fall for the douche bags:

  1. They are good looking

For a lot of people, physical attraction is something that initially triggers the love. While that may seem unfair, it is not unreasonable either. Individual preferences differ. For those who give importance to physical importance over and above anything else, it is not difficult to fall in love with guys who are good looking. Girls get swayed away by their looks and do not have time to find what they are as a person. [ Read: Do Guys Like Shy Girls And Find Them Attractive? ]

  1. Protective

Most of the bad guys are both physically and mentally strong. Girls feel protected and sheltered in the presence of such guys. They feel they do not have to fear anyone if they are dating such a guy. Earlier, there might have been instances of guys hitting on them or making a pass at them. But now, with a tough guy besides them, nobody dares to mess with them.

  1. The good things

Some of these guys are rich. So, dating them leads expensive gifts, lavish dates and various other things that probably not everybody can afford. Material possessions make everybody happy and if somebody is showering you with expensive stuff all the time, you do feel happy. You get busy with unwrapping all the gifts he gives you and going out with him on dates that you almost forget to check whether he is a good person or not.  [ Read: Find out are Good Looking Girls Mean or Nice? ]

  1. He is popular

Sometimes, you fall for a guy who is enormously popular. He is the guy whom everybody wants to date. He is every girl’s dream. You never thought he would even look at you. But, he does that and what’s more he even proposes to you. How can you so nay to such a guy? The fact that he is popular because of some of his achievements makes him desirable. You feel elated as he chooses you rather than anybody else. But, one success or failures does not define one’s nature, right?

  1. They are adventurous

While a lot of people prefer doing things that are in their comfort zone, bad guys like to indulge in some high octane adventure. They like taking risks ad live life on the edge. Being with them exposes you to the different kinds of adventures they indulge in and makes you to do things that you had never imagined yourself doing. They shake you up and bring out the daredevil inside you.  [ Read: 11 Cute and Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love ]

  1. Intimacy

They have no inhibitions when it comes to expressing their love or getting physically intimate. In fact, they are extremely good at these things. In this context, being in a relationship with a bad guy is more fulfilling. They will fulfil all your desires and leave you wanting for more. You will also end up learning several tips and tricks of the trade.

  1. Showing off

Dating a guy who everyone is envious of can give you a high. He has a lot of qualities that makes everyone around him envious of him and when you date him people get jealous of you too. Your elation might not last for a long time but the fact that you dated a guy whom everyone was jealous could make you feel super happy. [ Read: 15 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew about Girls ]

  1. New experience

You might have dated nice or moderately well-mannered guys I the past but now you look for a change. You want to embark on a new journey and experience something different. For that, you want to date someone who would take you to a world whom you have never been exposed to. You want to see life through his eyes and want to undergo a change as a person.

  1. Comfort zone

We all have a comfort zone which we are happy being in but there are times when they wish to come out of that zone. Dating a douche bag probably gives a girl a high who seeks to experience something which is out of her comfort zone. Only a guy who lives his life on the edge can help her get out of her comfort zone.  [ Read: 12 Prince Charming Traits That Make Girls Swoon! ]

  1. Do not want to commit

There are girls who are interested in getting in to a relationship but are not will to commit. If they date a nice guy he is more likely to ask for commitment. Thus, they prefer dating the bad guys as they do not seek commitment either. They could be in the relationship for some time without being asked to commit.

You should not be judgmental; towards girls who date douche bags. They have their own reasons for doing that. Having Sid that, they should be careful and should not let a guy hurt their feelings or play with their emotions. They should steer clear of guys who could end up breaking their heart. Even if they have certain specifications in mind, they should think twice before dating someone.