10 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage


10 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Are you getting married this new year? Do you know your partner well? Are sure he is the one for you? LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to guide its readers about some of the important questions that they need to ask their partner before getting married to them. Getting married to someone is one of the biggest decision that one takes in his or her life. Hence one should use his or her discretion while reaching to any decision. When we are about to get married we are nervous about the fact that are we really choosing the right person? Will we be happy living our rest of the life with them? All such confusions will come to an end if you will ask certain questions to your future partner before actually getting married to them

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10 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Questions to Ask Your Soul Mate Before Marriage

Before giving any commitment to anyone do make an effort to ask these questions to your would be partner. Doing a little effort will help you feel contented that the person you are marrying is Really the One for you.

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#1 As to when you will have the kids?

#2 Will you both share the responsibility of parenting or only one will take care of the child?

#3 Who will look after the household needs and requirements?

#4 What will be your financial responsibilities? What will be your financial obligations?

#5 Discuss about your health histories too?

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#6 Is your partner affectionate to the degree you expect?

#7 Can you openly and freely discuss our sexual needs and preferences?

#8 Will you have a professional life or not after marriage?

#9 Do you both will have a equal share in taking important decisions?

#10 What action of mine disappoints you the most?

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Thus, if you really wish to have a happy life all you need to do is to ask these questions to your would be soul mate  before giving any commitment to your partner.