10 Professional Resolutions for the New Year

10 Professional Resolutions for the New Year

New Year is coming soon and so are the heaps of resolutions that people make with it. Most of the resolutions linger around personal things like appearance and beauty. Very few people make any resolution when it comes to their professional life. Professional life is equally important and should have some resolutions too when it comes to career minded people.

10 Professional Resolutions for the New Year

So what are some resolutions you can have when it comes to your job, career and professional life?

  1. Quit the job you hate

Nothing is worse than dreading each day you go to work. Nothing is worth that pain in life. If you hate your job, you hate your workplace and you feel suicidal when it comes to your work, it’s best you leave that place. There are plenty more fishes in the sea. Don’t make yourself miserable over a job. It is simply not worth it. It could have a serious impact on your health. [ Read: 100 Best and Unique Happy New Year WhatsApp Messages and Quotes { 2016 }


  1. Enhance your skills at work

Make sure that you are contributing to the company but are also expanding your skill set in the process. Make sure you chisel your skills at the office and all the work you do teaches you something and is not a routine boring thing that you do.

  1. Start networking at your workplace

Just being good at your work, is not good enough anymore. You have to learn to network in and around your workplace. Throw a smile at people and start up a conversation with them. It is extremely difficult to live in a workplace where no one knows you or is ready to talk to you. You must network for your own benefit. This will help you even if you leave that job. [ Read: 10 Real-Parent New Year’s Resolutions ]

  1. Go for the official picnic this year

Many people are sceptical about official trips and outings, but the truth is that they provide a lot of new experiences and fun activities. It’s good to go for official outings and picnics. This will also make you feel closer to your organization.

  1. Take some extra leaves

Take a few extra leaves, go attend a wedding. Professional commitment can only take place if you have enough recreation and potential energy that transfers into vigour and determination at work. [ Read: 10 New Year’s Resolutions that Will Make You Happier ]

  1. Organize and decorate your work station

Make your work station your own space. Organize your work station according to your own requirements. Personalize your desk with motivational quotes and interesting proverbs. Keep your workstation clean and neat.

  1. Realize your self-worth

It’s important that you give yourself enough credit for doing some amazing work in your professional life. Reward yourself from time to time and make sure you realize that you’re worth so much more. [ Read: 6 Simple New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep ]

  1. Learn something new at work

Take a break from your routine work and get involved in something that interests you. Make it a point to learn something new every week. This would help enrich your knowledge and make your professional profile much interesting and smart.

  1. Don’t count days at work

If you are counting days at work, you’re going so wrong about things. Take things head on. Plan things, your weekdays and weekends. Target your work head on and deal with it. Start loving your Mondays, because if Mondays don’t appear, nor will Fridays! [ Read: 9 New Years Love Resolutions for Happy Relationships ]

  1. Stop taking comments personally

Several people talk so many things about each one at work. You might over hear people talking something rubbish about you or they might say it to you on your face. Your boss might insult you for not doing your work properly. Give your justification for it and take a step back. Don’t keep thinking about things they said to you in matter of heat. You know you are better than that. If you keep obsessing about the things said at office, you won’t be able to pick yourself up to face another day at work.

What are your resolutions this New Year that enhance your professional life? Share with us in the comments section.