10 Personality Traits that Make the Ideal Perfect Guy

10 Personality Traits that Make the Ideal Perfect Guy
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10 Personality Traits that Make the Ideal Perfect Guy

Every girl looks for a guy who would fill her life with blissful romance. Girls dream about getting a guy who would be no less than the Disney princes and the celebrities they had grown up fantasizing about. But what makes for an ideal perfect guy? Nobody is perfect – that goes without saying. What the girls look for is a man who would be an ideal lover, a perfect partner and someone who must believe in love as strongly as they do. He should have those qualities that they had envisioned to find in their partner. [ Read: The Story Of A Perfect Couple ]

Most of the girls look for similar qualities in a man. Have you seen some chick flicks? Noticed the hero in those films? Yes, that’s the kind of guy most of the girls want. Do such guys exist? Yes, they do. And, they work really hard to become the ideal, perfect guy.

Here are 10 personality traits that make the ideal perfect guy:

  1. Caring

Girls like guys who care for them. He should check on your health when you are down with fever and should be willing to take a day off if you are feeling low and want some company. He is someone who would take a lot of interest in your daily schedule and make sure your day goes well. He would always be available for you, no matter what. [ Read: 13 Happy Things You Need for a Perfectly Happy Life! ]

  1. Sense of humour

He should have a good sense of humour. A person who has a good sense of humour is a happy person. He should be able to crack you up when you are depressed. He should not be conscious of making a fool out of himself to make you laugh. There is quite nothing like a healthy conversation interspersed with a generous dose of humour.

  1. Ambitious

A person with no goal means a person with no direction in life, whatsoever. If the guy is ambitious, he is serious about his career and life. He wants to scale greater heights in life and of course, take you along with him. He will also inspire you to be serious about your career goals and help you in achieving them. [ Read: No Such Thing as Perfect ]

  1. Loyal

Loyalty is of utmost importance in a relationship. How can a relationship survive if your partner is not loyal to you? He should be absolutely honest with you and you should be the only person adorning the walls of his heart. A girl looks for a guy whom she can place her trust in. Loyalty is the basic foundation of a long-lasting relationship.

  1. Selfless

The happiness and well-being of his loved ones should matter more than his own good. He should have a big heart with love for everyone around him. He should not be driven by selfish motives and should think about keeping others happy. He should be more concerned about his loved ones than himself. Such a guy is loved and respected by everyone. [ Read: That Perfect Shot With That Special Girl ]

  1. Smart

He should be an outspoken and confident person; someone who can face the world. Smartness is very essential to survive in this world. It is not only a survival tool but it also helps in making an impression on others. He should be able to carry himself well. After all, you would like to be accompanied by a guy suave, sophisticated guy, right?

  1. Experienced

He should have seen a fair bit of life and should be aware of the various ways in which this world functions. He could share his life experiences with you which would add to your perspective about the world. His knowledge and wisdom will help you grow as a person. There is no point in being with a person who does not help you grow. You both could discover the world together. [ Read: The Perfect Guy – Story of Emma and Russell ]

  1. Secure

He should be a very secure person and should not have ego issues. He should not be insecure of the people around him and encourage everyone to prosper and grow. He should not compare himself to anyone and should be comfortable in his own skin. He should be proud of his achievements but should not brag about them.

  1. Protective

He should be protective about you. He should give you your space but at the same time ensure that you feel comfortable and secure at all times. He should be there for you when you need him and should not abandon you at the time of a crisis. He should make you feel that you can count on him and fall back on him when you are in trouble. [ Read: Heartwarming Message from a One Sided Lover ]

  1. Loves you

The most basic and important quality that he must have is to love you unconditionally. Every person is flawed in some way or other. He must respect you for what you are and love you with all your flaws. He should know you inside and out and familiar with all your quirks. He should love you with all your good and not-s-good qualities. Of course, you must do the same to him and it will be a happily ever after.

You must keep looking for the ideal perfect guy before you find him. But, you should not be very choosy or picky either. Every human being has its own set of flaws and but there are certain traits that cannot be compromised upon. If the guy possesses all the aforementioned qualities, then he is the one.