10 Old Fashioned Relationship Habits We Need To Bring Back

10 Old Fashioned Relationship Habits We Need To Bring Back

As times change, people change and one notices a change in the way they express their love. Certain habits, that had turned out to be norms in a relationship, made way for new methods, notions and behavioral patterns. Though technology has helped people stay connected all the time, it has also made people distant from each other. You might find two people sitting in two adjacent rooms, communicating to each other through text messages. They could easily meet each other and have a heart-to-heart. Of course, technology is the only thing to be blamed and there are several factors that contribute towards couples moving away from the old notions of love.

10 Old Fashioned Relationship Habits We Need To Bring Back

Here are 10 old fashioned relationship habits we need to bring back in order to have a more fulfilling, enriching relationship:

  1. Keep technology at bay

Remember the times when people used to exchange hand written letters. Today, people send text messages, post on each other’s Facebook walls etc. In today’s age, it’s practically impossible to stay away from technology. There could be no dispute over the fact that technology has made our lives a lot easier. But, you should be careful enough not to let technology dominate your life in such a way that it starts affecting your relationship. Plan a date and do not attend any calls, check your mail while you are having a conversation with your partner. Meet your partner as much as possible. A telephonic conversation is not half as fun as a real one. [ Read: 4 Reasons why love letters are awesome 


  1. Let your partner have your undivided attention

Everybody is busy these days. You have your entire day planned and yet twenty four hours seem less to you. No matter how busy you are, when you are with your partner, let them have your complete attention. Listen to everything that they say and value the time you have got to spend with them. There should be no distractions. Just as you don’t entertain personal affairs in work hours, don’t let your mind be clouded with thoughts of work when you are spending some beautiful moments with your loved one.

  1. Have a healthy social life

Just making time for your partner is not enough. You have to make some time to get to know their social circle as well. Meet their friends and introduce your friends to your partner. Go out on group outings. The more people you know, the happier your life will be. When you are an integral part of somebody’s life, it is important to get to know their friends, families etc and spend time with them. It’s important that you accept them as a part of your life too. [ Read: Childish But Awesome Truths Of Life – Must Read ]

  1. Appreciate your partner

Your partner brings a lot of joy in your life but you rarely appreciate their efforts. Either you take their love for granted or are so busy shaping up your career that you fail to take notice of all the wonderful things your partner does for you. It’s time you look beyond your file and notice the lovely photo frame that your partner has arranged on your desk. Learn to appreciate the simplest of joys that you get by the virtue of being in a relationship.

  1. Help each other grow

Spending time with your partner will help you in understanding them better. You both will get to know about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You should try and offer suggestions on how to get better at certain things. None of us are perfect. Hence, it is important that we tell our partner and ask them as to how to grow as human beings. As we spend most of our time with our loved ones, they are the ones who know us best. [ Read: 12 Insightful Lessons To Help You Have a Better Life ]

  1. Being loyal

With the advent of technology and social media websites, it has become very easy to meet people from different places across the world. The temptations are many but you have to learn to stay committed and loyal to your partner. Don’t let a moment of weakness ruin your relationship. Don’t give your partner an opportunity to check on you or question your loyalty towards them.

  1. Honor your promises

Promises are meant to be broken – this phrase stands true for most people in today’s times. What you must realize is the fact that broken promises lead to broken relationships.  You must live up to all the promises that you make to your partner. It’s important to deliver on your promises. Living up to your promises would mean that you are a person who can be trusted. Your partner will count on you for everything and trust you with their life if you stay true to your words. [ Read: 5 Reasons Why Promises Are Not Meant To Be Broken ]

  1. Encourage your partner

Your partner’s success should make you as happy as your own. You should not be insecure if your loved ones are doing better than you in their career. You must always encourage your partner to scale greater heights in life. Your support means the world to your partner. Give them all your support and encourage them to use their talent to its fullest potential.

  1. Make sacrifices

A relationship calls for sacrifices. You must be ready to let go of something that you love for your partner. There are times when you have to sacrifice something in order to gain something. Never think twice before giving up something for your loved ones. Remember, you are doing it for a larger good. [ Read: Settle – No! Compromise – who knows! ]

  1. Learn to apologize

Let go of your ego and never fail to say sorry when you should. Apologizing for your mistakes does not make you smaller. Instead, your partner will appreciate the fact that you own up to your mistakes. Just apologizing is not enough. You should be careful enough not to repeat your mistakes in the future. Saying sorry and repeating the mistake makes no sense.

A new generation brings its own ideas and beliefs. One must respect the way they handle their relationships. But, there are certain things that should never change. Follow these golden rules for a long, healthy relationship.