10 New Year’s Resolutions that will Make You Happier

10 New Year’s Resolutions that will Make You Happier

New Year’s resolutions are tough to keep, as we all know. But in the race for productivity, better looks and a perfect figure we forget to make ourselves happy. Making yourself happy and keeping a smile on your face is important to have healthy life. Don’t drive yourself nuts by putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Relax a little. Make resolutions that will make you happy and keep you cheerful, instead of slogging and upset.

10 New Year’s Resolutions that will Make You Happier

Here is a list of resolutions that might actually make you happier.

1. Give yourself “me” time

Don’t forget to take some time out for yourselves every day, every week at least. Be it doing therapeutic things like cleaning or cooking, reading the magazines you like, listening to your favorite radio station.

2. Listen to music as often as possible

Listen to the music you like as often as possible. Music is known to be a stress-buster and a mood lifter. It will relieve you of your worries and mood swings and get you in a better mood instantly. [ Check out: 10 New Year’s #Resolutions Every Couple Should Make


3. Pursue a hobby

Pursue your hobby of writing, dancing, singing or painting. It will make you feel good and will relieve you of stress related to work and other family pressures. It will also make you meet new people and socialize with those who share your interests.

4. Go for a walk or jog everyday

Exercise is a must for people with the hectic and sedentary life that we have these days. Make sure you go for a walk or a jog at your nearest park, every day.

5. Minimize the people who pull you down

There might be people who lower your self esteem, who make you feel bad about yourself, who doubt you consistently and waste your time. Minimize such people in your life. Minimize any kind of contact with them, via phone, meeting or mails. Express your clear disinterest in bonding with them.

6. Start loving yourself immediately

Don’t wait for the day when you will look perfect and start loving yourself. Don’t wait to have the perfect job, to love yourself. If you start loving yourself, things will automatically fall into place. You will look better, feel better and will also excel in whatever you do. [ Also read: 6 New Years Love #Resolutions for Happy Relationships ]

7. Meet your friends at least twice a month

Meet up with your friends despite hectic schedules or distance between you. Make it a point to meet them at least twice a month. This will give you a much needed break and will help recover from all your stress and pressure.

8. Do something kind every week

Do something good for the unfortunate. Donate things that are taking up extra space in your wardrobe. The cold is getting worse each year and homeless people are dying on the streets due to lack of sufficient clothing and blankets. Do something good for someone everyday or help someone every week in whatever way you can.

9. Say good things to yourself in the mirror before sleeping

Say good things to yourself in the mirror before going to bed and just after brushing your teeth. Those thoughts will linger in your mind and you will go to sleep with a smile on your face. Your next day will go amazingly well. Reassurance that you are a pretty, beautiful, well educated, successful person everyday will boost your self esteem every single day.

10. Start praying

Have some faith in the almighty. Pray every Sunday at church. Start praying for a better life and a better world around you. Pray that peace prevails and that everyone is happy. Praying helps a person believe in things and he or she becomes an optimist. [ Read here: New Year’s Eve relationship advice ]

What are your resolutions that will make you happy in the New Year? Share with us in the comments section.